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Sausages dressed in puff pastry

Sausages dressed in puff pastry

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sausages dressed in puff pastry:

Remove the sheet from the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for a while, then spread it out on a work surface, cut it into long strips, then cut the sausages to the desired size and roll them with the strips of puff pastry. grease grease with egg yolk and bake to brown. Have fun!

Spicy sausages in dough

The guests ring the doorbell and you have nothing ready to serve them, let alone impress them? Relax, take a deep breath and listen to me carefully: some spicy sausages or beer sausages in puff pastry and garnished with olives can not leave guests indifferent and you will wash the shame in the most delicious way. A very simple and very quick recipe.

You need:
& # 8211 a bag of sausages for beer or spicy sausages (approx. 600 gr)
& # 8211 puff pastry dough (the one from Alpin ready cut into squares is ideal)
& # 8211 olives and toothpicks for garnish.

Boil the sausages, then cut strips of dough for puff pastry - if you use Alpin dough squares, cut each piece into 4 strips - and wrap each sausage in a strip of dough.

Place in a tray lined with flour and bake for about 20 minutes, over medium heat, until the dough swells and browns.

Garnish with olives and can be served with mustard or other sauces, depending on taste. I love these quick recipes, so I always keep something in the fridge, which can be easily prepared. Until the guests relax a little & # 8230 only well the snack is served.

Sausages in yogurt dough

It is true that there are two ways to prepare these sausages in dough. That depends, in principle, on how much time you have available. The puff pastry can be bought commercially or it can be prepared by you. Personally, I prefer to prepare it myself, because the taste is clearly superior to the commercial puff pastry. So, for the sausage dough you need:

200 gr butter or margarine (150 gr)

Half a glass of water

Half a teaspoon of vinegar

Sift the flour into a bowl, then make a small ditch in the middle. There you will put water, salt to taste, vinegar, yogurt and only 20 grams of butter. Mix the whole composition very well and add the flour until the crust no longer sticks to your fingers. Once the crust is done properly, put it on a plate and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, cover the remaining butter with flour and also put in the fridge. The butter needs to harden, so it will be kept in the fridge for a while. After the 30 minutes have passed, take out the crust and portion it into three equal pieces. Do the same with the butter.

Each of the pieces of coca must be stretched. Then put a piece of butter in the middle of each sheet of dough and wrap it. Then spread out the sheet and then wrap it again. Repeat this operation with each of the three sheets until the butter is completely incorporated.

  • 1 puff pastry dough (275 g)
  • 200 g of Telemea cheese
  • 100 g sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 sausages (50 g)
  • 50 g olives
  • salt (if the cheese is not salty)
  • pepper
  • parsley and black sesame (or poppy) seeds for decoration

We divide the puff pastry into 12 equal squares that we place in a muffin tray.

In a bowl, prepare the filling. Crush the cheese, add the eggs, sour cream, chopped olives and diced sausages. Add salt only if the cheese is not salty, pepper to taste and mix to blend the composition.

Prick the bottom of each basket with a fork and divide the filling into 12 baskets. Sprinkle black sesame or poppy seeds and chopped parsley on top.

Bake the baskets for 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C, until lightly browned on top. Remove them from the pan while they are warm. Enjoy!

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Set of 3 vacuum pans (0.7L + 1.2L + 1.8L)

Barista Espresso Machine

Oven bowl, ceramic, rectangular, 3.8L, red

Ady Ady, September 28, 2013

Dumitru Vasiliu, September 21, 2013

kok miori (Chef de cuisine), July 30, 2011

Good recipe and I make it with puff pastry and small sausages, it turns out wonderful, I roll them in egg and sesame.

Sidy (Chef), July 25, 2011

You should keep eating from these, especially warm ones. I roll the puff pastry on sausages.

ICE (Chef de cuisine), December 15, 2009

I haven't tried other sausages. I guess they're tasty. :) Mercic!

Cely Snijec (Chef de cuisine), December 15, 2009

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), December 9, 2009

Looks very good. I also prepare, but with cabanos and they are really very delicious.

Ingredients for the recipe for sausages in dough and bacon, pigs in a blanket

  • 400 g of beer sausages
  • 300 g puff pastry
  • 100 g cream cheese
  • 100 g cheese
  • 100 g mozzarella
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 100 g bacon
  • Green onions for decoration

How do we prepare the recipe for pigs in a blanket, sausages in dough and bacon?

We prepare the cheese mix

The garlic is crushed or finely chopped, the cheese is grated and the mozzarella is cut into pieces. They are mixed with cream cheese and set aside.

The dough is cut into 2 cm wide strips, I cut it while it was still rolled. In this way we can speed up the defrosting process, necessary before use.

These strips of dough are then cut into smaller pieces, about 5 cm long.

We will wrap 1 sausage in 1 piece of dough. We will wrap the rest in bacon. For this, each slice of bacon will be cut in half.

Pigs in a blanket, carnaciori in dough and bacon

In a heat-resistant dish, place the sausages in the dough on the edge, then the ones with bacon and pour the cream cheese in the center. I used a round vessel with a diameter of 23 cm.

Place in the preheated oven at 190 degrees Celsius for 30-35 minutes.

On top I decorated with the remaining bacon, green onions and crushed nachos.

Serve with french fries or plain, with various sauces such as ketchup, guacamole, mayonnaise & hellip.

For the french fries, I melted cheese strips in the oven for a few minutes and then twisted them while they were still hot.

The recipe and the photos belong to Maria Pintean and she participates with this recipe in the Great Winter Contest 2019: cook and win

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The average grade given by the jury for this recipe is 9.

Re & # 539ete cu Gina Bradea & raquo Recipe & raquo Sausages in dough and bacon, Pigs in a blanket

Sausages in puff pastry & # 8230

The sausages in puff pastry are a quick and good snack, even if not necessarily healthy. Plus they go well with beer and can be made by anyone, even inexperienced. I recently made an order.

For this snack I use some semi-smoked sausages that I cut into pieces of about 5 cm. In addition to sausages, you also need puff pastry, an egg, a drop of yogurt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The puff pastry first of all thaws. I move it from the freezer to the fridge for a few hours. When it is thawed, I open it on the kitchen counter and then sprinkle some flour on it and spread it a little more with the rolling pin. Cut it into strips with a pizza cutter. If you don't have one, go with a sharp knife. Slice the puff pastry about the size of your little finger and wrap it around the piece of sausage. If you cut the dough into strips on the longest part of a whole strip, you can put 2 pieces of sausage.

I place the pieces of sausage dressed in dough in the stove tray in which I put the baking sheet first. In a smaller bowl beat an egg with a drop of yogurt and then with the brush grease all the sausages in the pan. Sprinkle sesame seeds in half and poppy seeds in half.

Bake for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees. The oven is preheated. When they are ready, take them out on absorbent paper.

They are nothing to do and are highly appreciated, especially when they can be consumed with beer. Below you can see them ready before packing, only good to be delivered.

  • 2 packages of puff pastry (275 g / one)
  • 200 g cheese
  • 50g sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 sausages
  • 50g olives
  • chopped parsley
  • 2 tablespoons tomato juice
  • a few cubes of mozzarella
  • oregano
  • sesame and poppy seeds
  • From the first package of puff pastry I made the baskets, so I cut with a round glass that I put in 2 forms of muffins (actually mini muffins). To fill them I mixed the cheese with sour cream, a beaten egg, parsley chopped and a pinch of salt. From this mixture I put about a teaspoon and a half in each basket and on top I put thinly sliced ​​sausages in the second round of olives (you can choose various ingredients depending on the tastes of each).
  • I divided the second package in half, one part of which I cut into strips that I greased with egg and sprinkled with poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The other I cut into squares, I greased with tomato juice, I sprinkled oregano and in the middle I put a cube of mozzarella. Bake in the preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes at 180 & # 8217C.

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Mother's recipes

So for a hundred meters I found an exceptional aperitif here. Thank you dear ones for the idea and Happy Birthday!

Ingredient: 1 packet puff pastry, sausages, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and cumin, egg to grease the dough, a pinch of salt

Method of preparation: The puff pastry purchased is left to thaw. Roll out the work table and spread the thawed dough. Cut into strips then wrap the sausages.


Grease with beaten egg with a little salt and sprinkle on top to the liking of each sesame, poppy or cumin seeds. Place the sausages & # 8222dressed & # 8221 in the tray lined with baking paper and put in the hot oven until the dough is nicely browned.


Cutlet in Foietaj

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
In a large bowl, prepare a mixture of olive oil, thyme, marjoram, sage, mustard, salt, pepper and rub the chop well on all sides.

Leave to cool and soak it in the covered bowl for at least 1 hour. Ideally, it would be from evening until morning and returned to the marinade several times.

Then fry it in a pan with hot oil, turning on all sides, just enough to form a crust that closes the pores.

Transfer to a pan, pour the hot marinade and bake for about 30 minutes, always sprinkling and turning the meat until it is done and browned evenly.

Remove to a plate and leave to rest for 15 minutes.
Let the puff pastry thaw.

Meanwhile, scald the pickled / fresh cabbage leaves for a few minutes, drain and leave to cool.
Dress / wrap the chop piece in cabbage leaves.

On 2/3 of the length of the dough sheet, make notches, every 3 cm, with the help of a ruler and a sharp knife.
Place the chopped cabbage on the uncut side of the dough. Bring the notched part over the piece of meat, stretching the sheet a little with both hands, so that it looks like a net.

Cut and remove the excess parts and glue the edges of the puff pastry with a little water, pressing with your fingers.
Place in a tray lined with baking paper.

Grease with lightly beaten egg yolk and dilute with milk, being careful not to brush the cut parts because the dough will not unravel when it is baked.

Sprinkle with a little coarse sea salt.
Put in the hot oven, for about 25-30 minutes, on the right heat or until the dough is baked and nicely browned.

Serve sliced ​​while hot. It can be accompanied by a salad or even pickles.
It can be a hearty main course, a delicious dinner or it can be served as an appetizer.