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Pea plumcake

Pea plumcake

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The pea plumcake it is a perfect cottage for young and old. It is obviously a savory pie cooked in the typical elongated shape of the plumcake, but the particularity of the whole peas in the dough, which recall the shape of the chocolate drops in a sweet, will make it irresistible for all children. In any case, here with us, even the grown-ups liked it so much that if you decide to prepare it, I suggest you do not skimp on the quantities: you may have to prepare double doses;) Today, day in the kitchen to try many new recipes, please follow me on instagram to discover all the previews of my recipes and to play with me, and win the misyan kit. One dock and see you later: *


How to make the pea plumcake

Blanch the peas for 10 minutes from boiling, then drain and season them in a pan with butter, salt and pepper.
Let them cool.

Put the eggs, milk, oil, flour, salt and yeast in a bowl and mix.
Also add diced cheese, cold peas and pecorino cheese and mix.

Pour the mixture into the mold lined with parchment paper and bake for about 40 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C.

Leave the pea plum cake to cool slightly, then turn it out of the mold and serve.

Savory plumcakes: 3 delicious recipes

The plumcake is a dessert of Anglo-Saxon origin simple to make. Everyone knows it, but what perhaps not everyone knows is that it also lends itself to savory creations. The salty plumcake can be enriched with many different types of ingredients.

In fact, perfect with the bacon and cheese for a hearty dish, it can also be prepared with milk and vegetables for a light recipe that children like a lot too. These recipes are the ideal choice for packed lunches, picnics, mid-afternoon snacks or, cut into small pieces, even for aperitifs.

Our ally will be:Vallé Omega 3

In a bowl, beat the eggs, salt and pepper lightly then add Vallé Omega3 dissolved in a bain-marie, the milk, the flour, the yeast and mix.

Cook the peas in abundant salted water and cut the feta into small pieces, wash and dry the basil leaves.

Incorporate the ingredients into the dough and mix quickly.

Pour the mixture into a loaf pan previously covered with parchment paper. Spread a few pieces of feta kept aside on the surface of the pasta and bake for 40 minutes at 180 °.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place them on baking paper close to each other until the pan is full, sprinkle them with sugar, a pinch of salt and thyme. Bake at 140 ° -150 ° for about an hour and a half, the tomatoes must dry and wilt.

Saffron and peas plumcake

Spices in the pantry are never enough. Together with aromatic herbs, they can give a change to even the simplest dishes, characterizing them in an instant. Saffron is certainly among the most widespread and most widely used spices in our kitchen - just think, just to mention a dish, of Milanese risotto - with its unmistakable scent and such an intense color that every time it seems magic.

The saffron plum-cake is not only of a wonderful yellow but also has a flavor that will remain in your mouth for a long time, delicate but decisive, which combined with the sweetness of the peas will make you stop and wonder if what you tasted was a sweet or a salty dish. Try it with fresh cheese or accompanied with sautéed seasonal vegetables. Or alone, for a mouth-watering snack.

For the plum-cake, beat the eggs with a generous pinch of salt, sugar and pepper with the help of a whisk to mix everything well. Now combine the sifted flour with the baking powder, then the d & rsquooliva and the milk in which we have melted the saffron. Beat well until the mixture is smooth, then add the peas and mix everything together.

With a brush, grease a plum-cake pan and lightly flour it, then pour the dough and sprinkle it with sesame seeds. We bake at 180 ° C for about 40-45 minutes. We keep an eye on the plum-cake because it is acute and let's take it out of the oven when it is golden on the outside and inserting a toothpick in the center will come out clean.

How to prepare the salty plumcake

Cut the emmental into cubes. Clean and thinly slice the onion and sauté it in a pan with a little oil and salt. Sauté the bacon in the same pan as the onion, once removed.

In a bowl, put the eggs, pour the milk (1), the oil (2) and whisk everything to obtain a well blended mixture (3).

Add the yeast to the flour, slowly pour the liquid mixture previously obtained (4) until you get a smooth and uniform dough. Add the onions (5), the emmental (6)

the ham (7), the olives (8) and the bacon (9).

Finally add the Parmesan (10), salt and pepper (11).
Line a loaf pan with parchment paper, pour the mixture into it and bake for about 50 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C.

How to make the plum cake with peas

1. To make the salty plumcake you can use fresh, frozen or canned peas if you use the first two, start by blanching them for 10 minutes, then drain and sauté them in a pan with a knob of oil. Turn off the heat and let the peas cool.

2. Cut the cheese into cubes and set aside.

3. In a bowl, combine the eggs, milk, oil, salt and yeast. With the mixer, mix everything together until you get a homogeneous mixture.

4. Now add the diced cheese, the frayed ham and the cold orma peas. Mix the mixture for the salty plum cake.

5. Pour all the mixture into a loaf pan covered with baking paper.

6. Cook the plumcake with peas for 40 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 °.

7. Before cutting the rustic plum cake, let it cool first.

Ideal season


The salty plumcake with peas can be stored for 3 or 4 days at room temperature, closed in a paper bag for food.

The extra advice

If you don't have a loaf pan you can prepare it in a normal circular cake pan.

Ideas and variants

The salty plumcake with peas recipe can be filled with your favorite cold cuts and cheeses.

Savory plumcake with peas and bacon

The warm season and the reopening encourage us to stay more outdoors and enjoy aperitifs and open-air picnics. The salty plumcake with peas and bacon is a perfect recipe for this type of occasion and is very easy to prepare. If you are looking for a super hyper fast recipe for your aperitif, I recommend the very tasty ones instead speck and smoked provola rolls.

Finally the moment we have long awaited has arrived. The borders are open again, the families have reunited, the horizon of a return to a more normal life is timidly emerging. As often happens in my life, also in this case nature marks the special moment and revives the best memories of the past. The lime trees are in bloom, wherever you go I can breathe that scent that I have always associated with happiness and at the beginning of summer: the first evenings at the campino, the risotto alla pilot and the fries of the Sagra dla Motela, the wait # 8217orchestra played at full volume Yellow Flag, the vaulting of grandfather Angelo and grandmother Lilia on the dance floor.

Every year I forget it, the flowering of the lime trees, and I am very happy with that. Each time I experience a new epiphany, I put my nose out the window with a renewed curiosity and take advantage of every good opportunity to enjoy this intoxicating scent. This year, however, a new sensation is added to the others: that of freedom. How good it is to be free today, how good it is to be home.

Here is the recipe for the savory plumcake with peas and bacon, a perfect dish to share with friends during a picnic under the lime trees:


  • flour 00 [220 grams]
  • instant yeast for pizza [1 sachet]
  • diced smoked bacon already browned in a pan [100 grams]
  • grated parmesan [100 grams]
  • eggs [3]
  • whole milk [100 milliliters]
  • seed oil [80 milliliters]
  • cooked peas [300 grams]
  • salt [as needed]
  • pepper [just enough]
  1. As a first step it is necessary to mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl: flour, yeast, grated cheese.
  2. In a second bowl, on the other hand, all the liquid products must be blended: eggs, milk and oil.
  3. At this point, combine the dry ingredients with the liquid ones and mix well.
  4. As a last step, add the peas and bacon previously browned in a pan.
  5. Once the dough is ready, line a loaf pan with parchment paper, then pour all the dough.
  6. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 °.

[Sly advice]

If you still have some salty plumcake with peas and bacon left over, I suggest you cut it into slices and lightly toast it in a pan, it will make a delicious crust!

Advice for use

1. Cook to enjoy, relax, share. It is mandatory to start each recipe with a smile.

2. Read the recipe carefully from start to finish before venturing out: there are no indications on preparation times and difficulties because it is nice to cook without worries.

3. The doses vary from recipe to recipe, where possible I indicate the amount of ingredients per serving, so you can prepare as many as you want.

4. The prices are taken directly from my receipts.

5. The advice on how to serve are purely the fruit of my imagination and how I would like to find the dish when I sit at the table. Unleash your imagination!

How to prepare the vegetable plumcake

To prepare the vegetable plum cake, start peeling the carrot 1, tick it then cut it into slices 2 and finally reduce it into small cubes 3.

Wash the courgette, trim it 4 and cut it to the same size as the carrots 5. Also wash the peppers, divide them in half, then remove the stalk, the white filaments and the internal seeds 6.

Also cut these into slices lengthwise 7 and then into cubes 8. Finally, scubettate also the scamorza 9 and keep everything aside.

At this point, take care of preparing the dough: pour the previously sifted flour and instant yeast for savory preparations 10 into a small bowl. Then break the eggs into another bowl, salt, pepper 11 and start beating them with an electric mixer 12.

When they become frothy, add the oil first and then the milk, always slowly. Continuing to beat, gradually add the flour mixed with the yeast 15

and when it is completely absorbed, add the grated Grana Padano 16. You will thus obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture 17, to which you must first add the peppers 18,

then the zucchini 19, the carrots, the whole but pitted Taggiasca olives 20, the peas and the cubes of scamorza cheese 21.

Mix everything 22, line a large 30x11 cm loaf pan with parchment paper. Pour the mixture into it 23, level it with a spatula 24 and cook your plumcake with vegetables in a preheated static oven at 180 ° for 60 minutes.

When it is cooked (you can do the toothpick test) remove the vegetable plumcake from the oven 25 and let it cool before turning it out of the mold by overturning it 26 and serving it cut into slices 27!

How to prepare the salty plumcake with peas and cooked ham

The first step involves blanching the peas quickly in plenty of salted water. We then move on to cutting the ham into cubes.

After these steps, let's focus on preparing the plum cake: in a large bowl, beat the eggs, milk and oil. Then add the sifted flour, grated cheese, salt and endless instant yeast for savory preparations.

Mix everything well until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.

Add the peas and diced ham to the latter and mix.

Then take an oven pan for plumcake and with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil grease it on the bottom and on the side walls with the help of kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

Instead we can simply use baking paper. Then pour the mixture into a pan and bake for 180 degrees for about 40/45 minutes. After cooking, let the plum cake cool, cut into slices and serve. Enjoy your meal!

Salty Plumcake Asparagus and Peas L & # 8217 Perfect Spring appetizer

Salted Plumcake Asparagus and Peas the perfect Spring Appetizer a simple and tasty recipe that can make your life in the kitchen easier!
For my savory recipes, and especially rustic ones, I always rely on Paneangeli products that guarantee me the perfect result.
All the products Paneangeli they are easy to use and make sweet and savory unique, with that extra touch that is always needed! For my Salted Plumcake Asparagus and Peas I added the Paneangeli potato starch for a rustic and soft effect. The Pizzaiolo instant yeast for savory pies and wraps PANEANGELIthen he did the rest making my savory cake tall and fragrant.
L & # 8217dough of the Plumcake is the classic one, with the addition of asparagus and fresh seasonal peas at the end, you can use it, moreover also in other types of molds such as those for donut and also particular ones, you will have no problems in unmolding the cake thanks to & # 8217Ungiteglia PANEANGELIwhich allows to have an excellent result.
We see how to make the Asparagus and Peas Salted Plumcake , will become your favorite spring recipe

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