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Lamb Chops with Herbed Sweet Onion Compote

Lamb Chops with Herbed Sweet Onion Compote

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  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh oregano
  • 2 large garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 8 lamb loin chops (about 1 1/2 pounds total)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • 1 sweet onion (such as Vidalia), thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons herbed white wine vinegar

Recipe Preparation

  • Mix mint, oregano, and garlic in small bowl. Sprinkle lamb generously with salt and coarsely ground pepper. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons herb mixture over lamb chops; press to adhere (reserve remaining herb mixture for compote).

  • Heat 1 tablespoon oil in heavy large skillet over medium-high heat. Add lamb and cook to desired doneness, about 4 minutes per side for medium. Transfer lamb to platter (do not clean skillet). Tent lamb with foil. Reduce heat to medium. Add remaining 1 tablespoon oil to skillet. Add onion and sauté until beginning to soften, about 2 minutes. Add vinegar and reserved herb mixture; sauté 1 minute. Season compote to taste with salt and pepper. Spoon compote over lamb and serve.

Recipe by Brooke Dojny, Melanie BarnardReviews Section

Recipe Summary

  • ¼ cup distilled white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 pounds lamb chops

Mix together the vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and olive oil in a large resealable bag until the salt has dissolved. Add lamb, toss until coated, and marinate in refrigerator for 2 hours.

Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat.

Remove lamb from the marinade and leave any onions on that stick to the meat. Discard any remaining marinade. Wrap the exposed ends of the bones with aluminum foil to keep them from burning. Grill to desired doneness, about 3 minutes per side for medium. The chops may also be broiled in the oven about 5 minutes per side for medium.

Lamb Chops with Herbed Sweet Onion Compote - Recipes

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Costco Cookbook 2011

Every year since 2002, Costco has put out a cookbook that features items you can find at Costco. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Costco cookbook, they released a cookbook that features favorite recipes from the last nine cookbooks.

You can read or print this Costco cookbook for free here . No need to be a Costco member. I had to zoom in quite a bit to read the text (use the magnifying glass with the + symbol).

There are sections with recipes for each part of the meal. Here is the recipe list for the 2011 Costco cookbook:

  • Costco Anniversary Recipes ( page 10 )
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    Thanks to Costco for the free cookbook! Check out the 2010 Costco cookbook and the 2012 Costco cookbook also.

    Lamb Chops with Herbed Sweet Onion Compote - Recipes

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    VEGGIE: Sunday Vegetables Side Dishes
    VEGGIE: Tuscan Herb Chickpeas Side Dishes
    VEGGIE: Vegetables with Red Apple Balsamic Side Dishes
    VINAIGRETTE: Black Peppercorn & Lavender Vinaigrette Condiments and Sauces
    VINAIGRETTE: Creamy Lemon-Balsamic Vinaigrette Condiments and Sauces
    VINAIGRETTE: Creamy Vinaigrette Condiments and Sauces
    VINAIGRETTE: Honey Ginger Dijon Vinaigrette Condiments and Sauces
    VINAIGRETTE: Miso Dressing Condiments and Sauces
    VINAIGRETTE: Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing Condiments and Sauces
    WAFFLES: Chocolate Blood Orange Waffles Main Courses
    WAFFLES: Lemon Waffles with Strawberry-Orange Compote Main Courses

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    Most people have a soft spot for a good beef stew, the ultimate comfort dish on a cold night. This version will perfume your kitchen with the sweet scent of paprika and wine. On another occasion, try different vegetables, such as rutabagas, potatoes, or add chickpeas. Chances are you’ll devour a warm scone before you even get the stew to the table, but you’ll still have plenty of scones for dipping in the luscious sauce. If you’re pressed for time, serve the stew with egg noodles instead of the scones. View recipe &rarr

    Rigatoni with Pork Rib Sugo

    The baby back ribs that most people throw on the barbecue make a succulent, rustic pasta sauce. You’ll need a friendly butcher to saw across the ribs for you, but the rest of the method is easy. The sauce (sugo in Italian) reheats well so you can make it a day ahead. Set your formal manners aside here. The best way to enjoy this dish is to nibble the meat off the riblets between bites of pasta. Cutting the meat off would spoil the fun! View recipe &rarr

    Grilled Pork Shoulder Chops with Nectarine Slaw

    Take over grill duties on Father’s Day and show dad you have the right stuff with these succulent pork chops. Shoulder chops aren’t as common as loin chops so you may need to ask a butcher to cut them for you. They have more flavor, and this garlicky rub guarantees that they will be a dish you want to make all summer long. Juicy California nectarines make this slaw a standout. View recipe &rarr

    Pappardelle with Artichokes, Peas, and Prosciutto

    It’s long past time to bust the myth that artichokes don’t go with wine. This pasta dish is perfectly wine friendly thanks to an assist from pasta, sweet peas, and meaty prosciutto. Chill a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and prove it to yourself. If you can’t find fresh baby artichokes, substitute frozen artichoke hearts rather than marinated hearts. View recipe &rarr

    Cheese and Salumi Board

    If you’d rather spend more time dining with your Valentine than cooking and cleaning up, why not assemble an abundant cheese board that will take your evening from antipasto through dessert? View recipe &rarr

    Sliced Porterhouse Steak with Arugula, Garlic Toast, and California Olio Nuovo

    A thick Porterhouse or bone-in ribeye steak is a luxury, so give it the red-carpet treatment: a hot grill to sear it and a side of aromatic garlic toast basted with fresh, peppery California olive oil from the first autumn pressing. View recipe &rarr

    Chicken Chilaquiles

    When life gives you sweet, California-grown tomatoes, make chilaquiles, a genius use for tortillas that are a few days old. September is the height of the harvest for the meaty plum tomatoes that make thick, flavorful sauce. Resist the temptation to substitute store-bought tortilla chips for the home-fried tortillas the chips soften too much, and the result is not nearly as satisfying. View recipe &rarr

    Grass-Fed Burger with Avocado and Chipotle Mayonnaise

    Buttery avocados make any sandwich better, and they put this burger over the top. Grass-fed beef can be lean, but the sliced avocado and spicy chipotle mayonnaise ensure that this burger is a luscious, moist, flavor-packed experience. View recipe &rarr

    Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemon and Smoked Paprika

    Spain’s aromatic pimentón de la Vera (smoked paprika) gives these succulent chicken thighs a deep, ruddy color as they roast on a bed of red onion and sliced Meyer lemon. You’ll want to serve every drop of the lemony, garlicky pan juices. The lemon slices can be eaten or not, as you prefer. View recipe &rarr

    Braised Pork Shoulder with Butternut Squash and Dried Plums

    With slow, moist braising, pork shoulder becomes fork-tender and succulent. Trim the meat well before cooking and your stew will be rich but lean. Butternut squash and dried plums contribute the sweet notes that pork loves and bring the flavors and colors of fall to your table. View recipe &rarr

    Grilled Sausages with Fig and Onion Jam

    Chances are you’ll find many other uses for this fragrant sweet-tart jam. Enjoy it on a grilled-cheese or ham sandwich or serve it with a cheese or charcuterie board. It’s the perfect complement for fresh goat cheese or a tangy Cheddar. View recipe &rarr

    Grilled Hoisin Hanger Steak with Cool Sesame Scallion Noodles

    Hanger steak, sometimes known as the “butcher’s cut,” is exceptionally tender and beefy. If you can’t find it, flank steak or the super-thin skirt steak make good alternatives. The sesame-scented noodles can be prepared hours ahead apart from the finishing touches. View recipe &rarr

    Lamb Osso Buco with Spring Peas and Mint

    Ask your butcher to saw the lamb shanks in half crosswise to resemble the veal used for osso buco. Exposing the bone adds body to the sauce and makes it possible to enjoy the bone marrow. However, you can make the dish with whole lamb shanks, if you prefer. View recipe &rarr

    Filet Mignons with Blue Cheese Butter and Cranberry Zinfandel Sauce Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    These tender filet mignon steaks are napped with a rosemary-infused red wine reduction and topped with a luxurious compound butter, making this dish worthy of any celebration. View recipe &rarr

    Homemade Pizza with Figs, Prosciutto, Arugula, and Fresh Mozzarella

    Caramelized figs, oozing cheese, salty prosciutto, and fresh arugula are a delightful combination of flavors and textures in this autumnal pizza. View recipe &rarr

    Grilled Baby Back Ribs with Smoky Cherry BBQ Sauce and Red Cabbage Citrus Slaw

    Fresh cherries round out the smoky heat of a feisty barbecue sauce that glazes tender pork ribs as they crisp on the grill. Pair with California Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon. View recipe &rarr

    Grilled Skirt Steak Salad with Rice Vermicelli Noodles, Carrots, Cucumber, Peanuts and Chili-Lime Dressing

    This spicy, fragrant bowl is heaped with crisp vegetables and char-grilled skirt steak, perched on a bed of rice noodles finished with a piquant Vietnamese dressing and a shower of fresh herbs. Pair with California Chardonnay or Rosé. View recipe &rarr

    Herb Marinated Lamb Chops with Asparagus, Lemon, and Spring Greens

    A citrusy blend of fresh herbs and garlic does double duty in this recipe as an aromatic marinade for pan-seared lamb chops and a bright dressing for baby spring greens. Pair with California Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. View recipe &rarr

    Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine, Pancetta and Crimini Mushrooms

    These succulent beef ribs in red wine sauce are hearty, bold and deliciously tender. Pair with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. View recipe &rarr

    Seared Rib-Eye Steak with Olive Tomato Relish

    Fresh tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and briny olives add a delightful zing to seared steak. Pair with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Red Blend. View recipe &rarr

    Pork Tacos with Garlic Grilled Tortillas and Avocado Cream

    These lightly grilled tortillas are topped with spicy, smoky seasoned pork and creamy avocado. Pair with California Viognier or Zinfandel. View recipe &rarr

    Pan-Seared Lamb Chops with Fresh Rosemary, Garlic, Olives and Leeks

    These tender chops are marinated with herbs and garlic, cooked quickly in a hot pan and served with sautéed leeks. Pair with California Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon. View recipe &rarr

    Spice-Rubbed T-Bone Steak with Pan-Fried Fennel Mashed Potatoes

    Earthy spices and the mellow licorice flavor of fennel add an extra savory dimension to everyone’s favorite meat and potatoes. Pair with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Petite Sirah. View recipe &rarr

    Asian Pork Shoulder Stew with Anise

    Fragrant anise adds a subtle sweetness to this warming stew. Pair with California Zinfandel or Pinot Gris. View recipe &rarr

    Beef Rib Roast with Horseradish Ricotta Cream

    A succulent rib roast served with peppery herbed ricotta cheese. Pair with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. View recipe &rarr

    Herb and Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb with Caramelized Cauliflower, Shallots and Carrots

    Fresh herbs, crunchy pistachio nuts and the slight sweetness of caramelized cauliflower complement this dramatic, crusted rack of lamb. Serve with California Cabernet Sauvignon or a California Red Blend. View recipe &rarr

    Pan-Seared Steak with Portobello Mushroom Sauce atop Mascarpone Polenta

    This classic dish highlights the earthy flavors of Portobello mushrooms, the richness of mascarpone polenta and the elegance of seared, rib eye steak. Pair with a California Merlot or California Syrah. View recipe &rarr

    Fresh California Chopped Salad with Marinated Grilled Steak

    This crunchy summer salad topped with grilled steak—marinated in California Zinfandel—gets zing from a spicy-mustard vinaigrette. View recipe &rarr

    Rice Noodles with Five-Spice Pork and Braised Leeks in Anise Broth

    This aromatic broth has hints of fresh ginger, anise and black pepper—and slices of tender, five-spice pork. Pair with California Viognier or California Rosé. View recipe &rarr

    Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Carrots and Fresh Herbs

    This flavorful roast can be served hot with roasted carrots and savory pan drippings or cold, thinly sliced for sandwiches. Pair with California Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon. View recipe &rarr

    Mini BLT Burgers with Gorgonzola and California Slaw

    This mini hamburger is packed with layers of flavor. Serve with a side of crisp, tangy slaw and pair with California Syrah or Merlot. View recipe &rarr

    Marinated Grilled Rib-eye Steak with Roasted Pepper Salsa and Fresh Corn Fritters

    This tender grilled steak with smoky, spiced salsa is served alongside crunchy fresh-corn fritters. Enjoy with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. View recipe &rarr

    Filet Mignon with Cherry Tomato Compote, Shaved Salad and Mashed Potatoes

    Enjoy grilled grass-fed beef with asparagus and carrot salad and creamy mashed potatoes. View recipe &rarr

    Braised Beef Short Ribs with Roasted Beets and Yukon Gold Potatoes

    These fall-off-the-bone ribs are complemented by the sweet roasted flavor of beets and creamy texture of roasted potatoes. Pair with a California Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. View recipe &rarr

    Seared Lamb Chops with Mint Chutney

    Pair with a California Merlot or California Chardonnay. View recipe &rarr

    Citrus Marinated Grilled Flank Steak Tacos with Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado Sauce

    Citrus marinated steak and rich, smoky tomatillo sauce turn these tacos into something special. Pair with California Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel. View recipe &rarr

    People with high blood pressure need to know

    Natural Support For Blood Pressure Health
    Blood pressure is the pressure or force that blood exerts on the artery walls. It is measured as systolic pressure (the top number that records the force exerted as the heart pumps blood through the arteries) and diastolic pressure (the bottom number that records the pressure when the heart rest between beats). A blood pressure reading of 120/80 is considered to be healthy, but always check with your doctor.

    Preventative care includes regular exercise, avoiding high salt/sodium foods and maintaining blood pressure health with herbal & mineral nutrients such as:
    Support blood pressure wellness with trusted herbal extracts plus the super-star Magnesium mineral.
    CoQ10 and Hawthorn …Heart helpers that support healthy circulation and strengthen arterial health.
    Garlic, Aged Extract …Nature's bodyguard provides powerful support for blood pressure wellness.
    Hibiscus … …Centuries-old herbal support for blood pressure wellness.
    Find over 200 delicious low salt recipes:
    Apple-Pecan Tenderloin Medallions (from National Pork Board)
    Apricot Glazed Pork Kabobs (from National Pork Board)
    Avocado Citrus Salad with Marinated Onions (from National Onion Association)
    Bacon, Egg, and Mushroom Burritos (from American Egg Board)
    Baked Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)
    Baked Pumpkin Bites (from Kath Eats Real Food)
    Baked Salmon with Tomato Salsa (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)
    Banana Berry Nog (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Basic Fried Eggs (from American Egg Board)
    Basil Baked Cod Fillets (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Beef Brisket with Horseradish Sauce (from The Beef Checkoff)
    Black Bean and Ham Soup (from Cooking During Stolen Moments)
    Blueberry Almond Crepes (from US Highbush Blueberry Council)
    Bread Pudding with California Dried Figs (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Broiled Scallops with Paprika (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)
    California Pepper Salsa (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Candy Cane Chocolate Bark (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Caramelized Onions (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Cherry Madeleines (from American Egg Board)
    Chicken Liver Mousse (from Eat Chicken)
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (from Florida Strawberry Growers Association)
    Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Treats (from California Cherry Advisory Board)
    Chocolate-Dipped Rum-Infused Fresh Figs (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Cider Roasted Carrots and Apples (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Cinnamon French Toast with Pomegranate-Apple Compote (from Pomegranate Council)

    Cinnamon-Raisin Mochi Waffles with Apples (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Citrus Chicken Salad (from Florida Strawberry Growers Association)
    Classic Flan (from American Egg Board)
    Coconut Almond Granola (from Kath Eats Real Food)

    Coconut Glacé (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Coconut Macaroons (from Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less)
    Confetti Rice Pilaf (from USA Rice Federation)

    Cranberry Hibiscus Sauce (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Cranberry Relish (from American Lamb Board)
    Cranberry Sauce (from Eclectic Recipes)

    Creamy Onion Dip (from National Onion Association)
    Creamy Rice Pudding Brulee with Gingered Berries (from USA Rice Federation)
    Creole Seasoning (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Crispy California Fig and Almond Rolls (from California Fig Advisory Board)

    Crostini with Roasted Eggplant Spread (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Cubano Panini (from The Sugar Solution Cookbook)

    Cucumber Yogurt Dip (from Eclectic Recipes)

    Curried Lamb Chops with Raita (from American Lamb Board)
    Date Nut Bars (from American Egg Board)

    Easy Baked Fish (from In Great Taste)

    Easy Beef Steak Diane (from National Cattleman's Beef Association)
    Easy Pork Won Tons (from National Pork Board)
    Easy Strawberry Cobbler (from Florida Strawberry Growers Association)
    Easy, Healthy Margherita Pizza (from The Picky Eater)
    Elegant Monkfish (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Fall Onions with Gingery-Cider Sauce (from National Onion Association)
    Family Favorite Baked Fries (from United States Potato Board)

    Farmers Market Omelets (from American Egg Board)
    Fennel Olive Shrimp Skewers (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Fig and Almond Brittle (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Fig Layer Bars (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Fig Turnover with Goat Cheese Crema and Port Reduction (from California Fig Advisory Board)

    Fig Vinaigrette (from American Lamb Board)

    Fillet of Flounder with Pesto (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)

    Flu-Buster Tonic (from The Balanced Plate)
    French Silk Pie (from American Egg Board)
    Fresh Cherry Upside-Down Cake (from California Cherry Advisory Board)
    Fresh Fig and Avocado Salsa (from California Fig Advisory Board)
    Fresh Fig Salsa (from California Fig Advisory Board)

    Fresh Rosemary Fries (from United States Potato Board)

    Frosted Blueberry and Banana Soup (from US Highbush Blueberry Council)

    Frosty Strawberry Pops (from California Strawberry Commission)
    Frozen Custard Caramel Butter Sundae (from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)
    Fruited Pork Tenderloin Salad (from National Pork Board)

    Garden Salad with Balsamic-Marinated Onions (from National Onion Association)
    Ginger Coconut Lentil Soup (from Kath Eats Real Food)

    Gingered Pork and Melon Salad (from National Pork Board)
    Ginger-Plum Pork Chops (from National Pork Board)
    Gluten-Free Healthy Pear Muffins (from USA Pears)
    Grandma Kirschner’s Date Nut Bread
    Green Bean Asparagus Salad (from Eclectic Recipes)

    Grilled Asparagus and Mushroom Salad with Shaved Parmesan (from California Asparagus Commission)
    Grilled Beef Steaks with Ancho Chili Rub (from National Cattleman's Beef Association)
    Grilled Chicken and Peach Kabobs (from National Chicken Council)

    Grilled Chimichurri Pork Roast (from National Pork Board)
    Grilled Curried Albacore with Apples (from National Fisheries Institute)

    Grilled Eggplant Slices (from Delicious Living Magazine)

    Grilled Fresh Asparagus with Pancetta, Pepato Cheese, and Herbs (from California Asparagus Commission)
    Grilled Lamb and Vegetable Kabobs (from American Lamb Board)
    Grilled Lamb Chops with Marinated Potatoes (from American Lamb Board)
    Grilled Lemon Chicken (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)

    Grilled Onion Salsa (from National Onion Association)

    Grilled Pears with Currants (from USA Pears)
    Grilled Racks of Lamb with Fig Vinaigrette and Herbed Potatoes (from American Lamb Board)
    Grilled Salmon Salad with Pomegranate Seeds and Pomegranate-Walnut Vinaigrette (from Pomegranate Council)
    Grilled Shrimp with Fennel Sauce (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Guacamole with Pinto Beans (from The Bean Institute)
    Guyana-Style Roti (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Halibut with Fresh Ginger (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)
    Hamachi, Strawberry, and Yuzu Ceviche (from California Strawberry Commission)
    Healthy Black Forest Baked Oatmeal (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Healthy Greek Salad Recipe (from The Picky Eater)
    Healthy Key Lime Pie Milkshake (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Hearty Glazed Tri-Tip Roast with Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce (from The Beef Checkoff)

    Herb Baked Onion Bloom (from National Onion Association)
    Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Cream Sauce (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Herbed Butterfly Pork Chops (from National Pork Board)
    Herbed Lamb Chops (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)

    Herbed Pork and Corn Salad (from National Pork Board)

    Herbed Shallot-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)
    Herbed Yukon Gold Mashers (from American Lamb Board)
    Homemade French Fries (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Honey Pork Tenderloin Kabobs (from National Pork Board)

    Honeydew Bubble Tea (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Honey-Glazed Lamb Chops with Fresh California Fig Salsa (from California Fig Advisory Board)

    Honey-Pecan Pork Cutlets (from National Pork Board)

    Hot Cranberry Ginger Cider (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Hot Pepper Vinegar (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Ice Cream Cupcakes (from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)

    Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs (from American Egg Board)
    Island Chicken Wings (from Eat Chicken)
    Italian Lemon Cookies (from American Egg Board)
    Italian Porketta (from National Pork Board)
    Italian Pot Roast with Onion Sauce (from 12 Best Foods Cookbook)
    Kale and Potato Salad (from United States Potato Board)
    Key Lime Angel Pie (from American Egg Board)

    Kick-off Kabobs (from National Pork Board)

    Killer Mango Salsa (from In Great Taste)
    Lamb and Stout Stew (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Chops alla Fiorentina with Crispy Potatoes (from American Lamb Board)

    Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Herb Sauce (from American Lamb Board)

    Lamb Chops with Tzatziki (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Kalamaki with Yogurt (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Liver Dolmades (from American Lamb Board)

    Lamb Loin Chops with Mango Sauce (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Pintxos with Wilted Napa Cabbage and Garlic-Mint Vinaigrette (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Ravioli with Hazelnut & Mascarpone (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Roast with Glazed Vegetables (from American Lamb Board)

    Lamb Steak Calypso (from American Lamb Board)

    Lamb Steak with Fennel Sauce (from American Lamb Board)
    Lamb Steak with Mint Chutney (from American Lamb Board)

    Lavender Lemonade (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Lean Homemade Sausage (from National Pork Board)
    Lemon Blueberry Bliss (from USA Rice Federation)
    Lemon Poppy Seed Coleslaw (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Lemon-Oregano Flat Bread (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Linguine with Spinach and Asiago Cheese

    Louisiana Lamb Steaks (from American Lamb Board)
    Mahi-Mahi with Sautéed Bananas (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Mandarin Pork Roast (from National Pork Board)
    Mango-Pineapple Salsa with Banana Peppers and Fresh Ginger (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Maple Marshmallows (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Maple-Apple Sponge Custards (from American Egg Board)
    Marmalade Lamb Ribs (from American Lamb Board)
    Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream and Chives (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Matcha Vanilla Bean Cake with Coconut Buttercream Icing (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Meringue Kisses (from American Egg Board)
    Meringue Torte (from American Egg Board)

    Mexicali Pork Chops (from National Pork Board)
    Mexican Hot Chocolate (from Aisle7 Editorial Team)

    Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Mexican Wedding Cakes (from Aisle7 Editorial Team)
    Mini Chèvre Cheesecakes with Pears in Lavender Honey (from USA Pears)

    Mini Mushroom Quiche Caps (from Mushroom Council)
    Mini Wonton Quiches (from American Egg Board)

    Minted Melon Salad (from Cooking During Stolen Moments)
    Molasses Roasted Tenderloin with Minted Mango Relish (from National Pork Board)

    Mom’s Light Macaroni Salad (from Delicious Living Magazine)

    Moroccan Spice-Rubbed Lamb Chops (from American Lamb Board)
    Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Kebobs with Summertime Fruit Chutney (from American Lamb Board)
    Mushroom Consommé with Sake (from 12 Best Foods Cookbook)
    Mushroom, Onion, and Barley Soup (from The Balanced Plate)
    Natillas (from Aisle7 Editorial Team)
    No-Bake Coconut Macaroons (from The Balanced Plate)

    Nondairy Hot Cocoa (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Onion Mango Chutney (from National Onion Association)
    Orange Marmalade (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Oyster Stuffed Tomatoes (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Pacific Rim Mushrooms Stuffed with Lamb (from American Lamb Board)
    Peach and Blackberry Sundaes (from Cooking During Stolen Moments)

    Peachy Mustard Pork Chops (from National Pork Board)

    Peanut Butter Granola Chewies (from Delicious Living Magazine)

    Peanut Butter Yogurt Fruit Dip (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Peanut Sauce Lamb Satay (from American Lamb Board)
    Pear Kabobs with Strawberry Dipping Sauce (from USA Pears)

    Pears in a Pod (from USA Pears)

    Penne with Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Pepper Herb-Crusted Beef Tenderloin (from The Beef Checkoff)

    Peppered Pork Chops (from National Pork Board)
    Peppered Pork Roast (from National Pork Board)

    Perfect Guacamole (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Pesto (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Picadillo-Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers (from The Beef Checkoff)

    Pineapple Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry (from National Chicken Council)
    Pineapple-Orange Frozen Custard Ice Cream (from American Egg Board)
    Pink Lemonade Shake (from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)
    Pirozhki (“Filled Pockets”) (from American Lamb Board)
    Pistachio Crusted Rainbow Trout with Cilantro Citrus Hollandaise (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Plum Coffeecake (from American Egg Board)

    Poached Bosc Pears (from USA Pears)

    Pomegranate Autumn Fruit Salad (from Pomegranate Council)

    Pomegranate Granita (from Pomegranate Council)

    Pomegranate Jelly (from Pomegranate Council)

    Pomegranate Morning Shake (from Pomegranate Council)
    Pomegranate Poached Pears with Pomegranate Gelato (from Pomegranate Council)

    Pomegranate Vinaigrette (from Pomegranate Council)
    Pomegranate-Honey Roasted Game Hens (from Pomegranate Council)
    Popovers (from American Egg Board)

    Pork and Pasta Salad (from National Pork Board)
    Pork Chops with Caramelized Onions and Peppers (from National Pork Board)
    Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Gravy (from 12 Best Foods Cookbook)

    Pork Marsala (from National Pork Board)
    Pork Primavera (from National Pork Board)
    Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Raspberry Sauce (from National Pork Board)

    Pork Tenderloin Satay with Brandy Pear Relish (from National Pork Board)

    Portabella “Steak” and Onions (from National Onion Association)

    Potato-Crusted Chilean Sea Bass (from Delicious Living Magazine)
    Potato-Crusted Salmon with Dijon Shallot Sauce (from Canyon Ranch Cooks)

    Pumpkin Butter (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Bars (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Pumpkin Pie Popsicles (from Kath Eats Real Food)

    Pumpkin Purée (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Pumpkin Soufflés (from American Egg Board)
    Pumpkin Soup (from Aisle7 Editorial Team)
    Purple Fingerling Mashed Potatoes (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Quick & Easy Barbecue Pork & Mushrooms (from Mushroom Council)
    Quick Strawberry Jam (from Florida Strawberry Growers Association)

    Rajas (from National Onion Association)

    Raw Buckwheat Porridge (from Kath Eats Real Food)
    The Most Fabulous Frosting Ever (from Eclectic Recipes)

    The Versatile Potato Pancake (from Washington State Potato Commission)
    Tilapia Fillets with Balsamic Reduction (from National Fisheries Institute)
    Toasted Hazelnut-Pomegranate Brown Butter Sauce (from Pomegranate Council)
    Tomatillo Salsa Verde (from Eclectic Recipes)

    Tomato Stacks (from The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)

    Triple-Hot Chicken (from National Chicken Council)
    Tropical Island Chops with Pineapple-Cucumber Salsa (from National Pork Board)

    Tropical Pork Kabobs (from National Pork Board)

    Tuna, Broccoli, and White Bean Skillet Dinner (from 12 Best Foods Cookbook)
    Two Cheese Pizza (from National Diabetes Education Program)

    Tzatziki (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vanilla Bean Cherry Chocolate Granola Bars (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Vanilla Extract (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vanilla Frozen Custard Ice Cream (from American Egg Board)
    Vanilla Pudding Parfait (from Eclectic Recipes)
    Vanilla Yogurt Panna Cotta (from Stonyfield Farms)
    Veal Breast with Olive-Mushroom Filling (from National Cattleman's Beef Association)
    Vegan Coconut Cream Pie Shake (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vegan Kumquat Poppy Seed Scones (from Munchin with Munchkin)

    Vegan Orange Creamsicle Shake (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vegan Vanilla Green Tea Tapioca Pudding (from Munchin with Munchkin)
    Vegetable Medley Stuffed Onions (from National Onion Association)

    "This is the definitive way to make gnocchi. I used to sit on my grandmother's lap while she taught me to roll the dough. The best way to ensure light gnocchi is to dry-cook the potatoes. Then either rice them or pass them through a food mill. Regular mashing leaves too many lumps, which make the dough difficult to roll."

    The Best Recipes from Guy's Ranch Kitchen

    Each weekend Guy invites a few of his favorite chefs to his ranch for a fun cook-off between friends. Here are the winning recipes.

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

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    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Photo By: Michael Moriatis

    Thanksgiving Samosas

    Aarti's Thanksgiving Samosas wowed the group with their combination of traditional Indian spices and classic holiday flavors.

    Lobster Truffle Pot Pie

    Marc took the classic pot pie and elevated it into a decadent masterpiece with the addition of buttery lobster and a heaping handful of fresh truffle shavings.

    Thirty-Layer Green Chile Mac and Cheese

    Aaron May's unique pasta dish is a cross between lasagna and the gooiest mac and cheese you've ever seen.

    Salt Crusted Leg of Lamb

    Marc Murphy's coats lamb in a salt crust seasoned with rosemary, thyme, oregano and chile flakes to seal in the tenderizing juices.

    Sesame Cannoli with Ginger

    Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Brown Butter Stone Fruit Compote and Amaretto Syrup

    Eric Greenspan adds a hint of lemon to these fluffy pancakes and then tops them with a buttery compote made of peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots.

    Egyptian Spinach Pie with Hazelnut Dukkah

    Aarti's Egyptian Spinach Pie with Dukka is filled with mozzarella and cheddar and gets a terrific crunch from a crushed nut and spice topping.

    Grandma Guarnaschelli's Lasagna Appetizer

    Get a taste of Guarnaschelli-family tradition with this cheesy appetizer.

    Creamed Spinach With Pickled Onions and Raclette Cheese

    Chef Eric Greenspan gives creamed spinach an upgrade with gooey raclette cheese.

    Swordfish Milanese

    Chef Michael Voltaggio updates fish and chips by using meaty swordfish and breading it in a mixture of panko and crushed potato chips.

    Grilled Skirt Steak with a Salsa-Like Sauce

    Chef Marc Murphy tops a grilled skirt steak with a chimichurri-like salsa made with charred peppers, achovies, parsley and lemon zest.

    Beef and Broccoli

    Chef Michael Voltaggio reinvents beef and broccoli with bone-in, dry-aged rib eye, broccoli chimichurri sauce and an umami-packed tofu mustard.

    Cuban Fu Fu

    Chef Carl Ruiz's Fu Fu is a classic Cuban side dish made up of crispy bits of pork and fried plantains.

    Hot Buttered Rum Cake

    Chef Damaris infuses rum into the batter and the sticky, buttery glaze that tops this decadent bundt cake.

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Pink Peppercorn Caramel

    Chef Alex adds a subtle kick to Pineapple Upside Down Cake with a caramel sauce made with slightly spicy pink peppercorns. It is best to unmold the cake while it is still hot, before the caramel sets up in the pan.

    Marc's Gigantic French Toast

    Chef Marc cuts the bread for his pain perdu into obscenely large slices. He soaks them overnight in an egg and cream mixture. The pieces are then seared in a hot pan to caramelize and finished in the oven. As they bake they become soft and soufflé-like in the center.

    Deviled Eggs with Crispy Bacon

    Chef Alex folds whipped cream into the yolks for light and ephemeral deviled eggs before topping them with crispy bacon. Her mother got the tip for folding in the whipped cream from Julia Child.

    Rice Balls with Bolognese Sauce

    Chef Antonia recreates the classic beef-stuffed rice balls that she used to have as a kid growing up in Long Island.

    Shrimp and Grits

    Marc makes a shrimp stock from reserved shells to pack as much shrimp flavor as possible into the grits.

    Charred Corn with Bacon Lardons and Red Onion

    Marc takes a simple corn salad and elevates it into a winning dish with bacon, basil and a touch of vinegar.

    Salted Peanut Butter Pie

    Damaris adds pretzels to her graham cracker crust and binds it all together with homemade caramel. After baking the crust and cooling, she adds a layer of peanut butter cream and whipped cream and then drizzles the whole thing with more caramel.

    Pimiento Cheese Biscuits

    Chef Damaris packs all of the ingredients found in traditional pimiento cheese into warm biscuits.

    Filet of Beef with Sauce Perigourdine

    The classic French sauce for Chef Marc Murphy's Filet of Beef with Sauce Perigourdine is simple but it takes time for the flavors to develop.

    Office Doughnut Bread Pudding

    Duff wins the day by taking stale doughnuts and turning them into a luscious dessert.

    Alex's Dark Chocolate Almond Whoopie Pies

    Chef Alex makes her own version of this childhood favorite, packed with dark chocolate and filled with a sweet almond cream.

    Olive Oil Strawberry Shortcake

    Chef Michael Voltaggio adds olive oil to this cake to make it super moist. Guy called it one of the best strawberry shortcakes he has ever had.

    Braised Lamb Shanks with Carrots, Black Pepper and Miso

    Chef Alex Guarnaschelli slow braises the lamb shank until it is very tender with blonde miso for extra umami.

    Roasted Eggplant Salad with Soy, Sesame and Charred Peppers

    Chef Alex Guarnaschelli makes flavor magic with ordinary supermarket eggplants by cooking them in a hot oven so that they stay firm but get a good crisp. She serves it with charred peppers and a ginger-sesame vinaigrette.

    Watermelon Rebujito

    Chef Michael Voltaggio's cuts watermelon into cubes and freezes it to chill this classic cocktail.

    Brick-Pressed Chicken with Chickpea Conserva

    Chef Michael Mina chars a brined, spatchcocked chicken, to keep it juicy, before cooking in under a brick. He serves it over chickpeas sauteed with crispy pancetta.

    Zucchini Caponata with Olive Dirt

    Chef Michael Voltaggio adds a whimisical element to this traditional dish with an olive dirt made with black olives, flour, panko and cocao powder.

    Nduja Stuffed Squid

    Chef Michael Mina stuffs squid with spicy, spreadable Aduja sausage and quickly sears it.

    Hasselback Potatoes with Fromage Fort

    The secret ingredient in Chef Aaron May's dynamite baked potato is the Fromage Fort. To make it, he takes leftover rinds of cheese and pulses them with garlic and white wine. The cheese mixutes melts and crisps on the potato in the oven.

    Chicken Thigh Fricassee

    Chef Aaron May takes low-cost chicken thighs , Guy's favorite part of the chicken, and braises them in an onion, garlic, tomatoes, celery and Vermouth mixture.

    Rice and Lentil Porridge with Peanuts, Coconut and Fried Shallots (Kichidi)

    Aarti calls this dish the Indian version of rice and beans. She combines rice and lentils and cooks them to a soft porridge consistency in a pressure cooker. She tops the comforting dish with yogurt and crunchy, spicy peanuts.

    Rack of Lamb with Herb Crust and Lamb Jus

    Chef Jonathan Waxman prepares a beautiful Rack of Lamb with Herb Crust and then uses the leftover riblets to make a dynamite sauce.

    Caesar Salad with Spicy Pancetta and Cornbread Croutons

    Chef Alex upgrades Caesar salad with crispy pancetta and cornbread croutons cooked in the rendered pancetta fat.

    Gratin of Celery Root and Potato

    Chef Jonathan Waxman uses a speciality cheese called Beaufort, and lots of butter and cheese, to create this truly decadent side dish.

    Steamed & Fire Roasted Goose with Blood Orange Sauce

    This recipe is not easy, but if you want to cook the most-amazing goose you've ever tasted, Chef Jonathan Waxman's technique is the one to follow. Chef Waxman marinates the goose, steams it and finally roasts it over the course of two days which results in a super tender bird.

    Turkey Shepherd's Pie

    Chef Marc Murphy's roasts turkey legs to create this hearty casserole, but you can use leftover turkey if you have it on hand.

    How to Make Compound Butter (6 Recipes!)

    When I was a young kid, my parents and I would hit a local Vancouver steakhouse with some regularity. The tables were covered with butcher paper&mdashof course&mdashand I would pass the time between ordering and eating by drawing pictures and sipping on a Shirley Temple (extra maraschino cherries, thank you very much).

    From what I can remember, I typically ordered the kids&rsquo special, which involved some sort of hamburger patty and French fries, while my parents tucked into their adult-sized steak meals. At that age, I was fairly oblivious to what everyone else was eating, but I do remember watching servers whisk by with platefuls of various types of steaks. Most were pretty standard, grill marks crisscrossing the top of the beef. But others were topped with pats of butter.

    Little did my inexperienced palate realize that steak topped with compound butter is one of the best treats known to beef lovers.

    That being said, being used as a steak topping is just the tip of the iceberg for compound butters.

    What exactly is compound butter? It is softened butter, whipped with various sweet or savory ingredients. While the concept is simple, the potential flavor combinations are endless. Pair scones, rolls, pancakes, waffles or cornbread with butters flavored with orange or lemon zest, maple syrup, honey or cinnamon. Pair meat, vegetables, fish and bread with butters mixed with herbs, spices, cheese or citrus zest.

    Start with unsalted butter so that you&rsquore able to control the amount of salt when you add the seasonings. That is particularly important with sweet compound butters. To achieve the fluffiest butter, you can whip it with a hand mixer. However, I typically take the route that requires the least amount of kitchen tools. Bowl and fork for me!

    Once the butter is soft, blend in the sweet or savory ingredients.

    Transfer the flavored butter to a piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap, form the butter into a log and wrap it well. Chill for 2 hours before cutting into pieces for serving.

    But what if you don&rsquot or can&rsquot eat dairy? Coconut oil, which softens very easily and solidifies in the fridge, makes a great substitute. Of course, it will lend a coconut taste to the &ldquobutter&rdquo, but that can only be a good thing when you add complementary ingredients, such as curry powder, lime juice and cilantro.

    These combinations are just a jumping-off point and the sky&rsquos the limit!