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Anheuser-Busch Halted Beer Production to Give Water to Texas, Oklahoma Storm Victims

Anheuser-Busch Halted Beer Production to Give Water to Texas, Oklahoma Storm Victims

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Anheuser-Busch temporarily stopped beer production to help out those affected by the deadly flooding

Anheuser-Busch is a real ‘bud’ to Americans in need.

Here’s some uplifting news in a time of tragedy: Anheuser-Busch stopped producing Budweiser and Beck’s to help others in a time of need. Much of Texas and Oklahoma have been ravaged by multiple storms and extreme flooding over the past week, resulting in at least 23 deaths and many more injuries. The rainfall has almost completely reversed the severe drought that has gripped Texas for the past several years.

"Right now our production line is running emergency drinking water instead of beer," Cartersville brewery manager Rob Haas told NBC News. “It's something we're uniquely positioned to do in a very timely period.”

The 2,000 cases of water were in transit by early Thursday morning via the Red Cross. The water will reach the communities that need it most over the next few days. This is not unusual for the company: As a major partner of The Red Cross, they switch to emergency water production a few times a year to help during times of crisis.

Anheuser-Busch Sends Water to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Published August 28, 2017 &bull Updated on August 30, 2017 at 8:18 pm

Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Budweiser and one of the largest beer producers in the world, is transporting truckloads of cans — of drinking water — to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Company spokeswoman Taylor Tchoukaleff said more than 100,000 cans will be delivered to Arlington, Texas, in addition to a delivery that arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Monday. Anheuser-Busch's distribution partner, Mockler Beverage, works with the Red Cross to deliver the canned water to communities in need.

MillerCoors is also sending canned water to the Texas region battered by Harvey. The beer purveyor said it is sending 50,000 cans of drinking water to their Revolver brewery in Granbury, Texas, about 250 miles northwest of Houston. The company said it is also donating $25,000 to the Red Cross.

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"Providing clean water to communities enduring a crisis will aid in recovery and hopefully give some sense of comfort to those in need," said Karina Diehl, MillerCoors' director of community affairs, in a statement.

The relief comes four days after Harvey ravaged the Texas coastline as a Category 4 hurricane, bringing with it 130 mph winds and flooding rains. Harvey remained a tropical storm Tuesday, dumping nearly 40 inches of rain in some places in Texas and inundating entire cities.

Anheuser-Busch Cartersville brewery in Georgia produces cans of emergency relief water a few times a year, according to the company, partnering with the American Red Cross to provide to places in need within the United States.

"Throughout the year, we periodically pause beer production at our Cartersville, Georgia, brewery to produce emergency canned drinking water so we are ready to help out communities across the country in times of crisis," Bill Bradley, Vice President of Community Affairs at Anheuser-Busch said. "Putting our production and logistics strengths to work by providing safe, clean drinking water is the best way we can help in these situations."

In 2016, Anheuser-Busch produced and shipped over 2 million cans of emergency drinking water to communities hit by natural disasters, including the California wildfires, the Louisiana floods and Hurricane Matthew.

In May 2015, Anheuser-Busch completely halted beer production at its Georgia brewery in order to produce drinking water for those displaced by heavy storms and flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, NBC News reported.

Anheuser-Busch Stalls Beer Productions for Disaster Relief Efforts

Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser’s brewing company halts their usual operations to make way for providing disaster relief efforts to the victims of the devastating storm, Harvey. Budweiser’s brewers are no strangers to helping out people in need, and so they didn’t think twice about contributing to the relief efforts being sent to the victims and survivors.

The brewing company has been donating over 76 million cans of drinking water since 1988. Anheuser-Busch’s VP of Community Affairs shared,

The Cartersville location is our designated brewery for the emergency water program—it’s something we’re very proud of.”

When Anheuser-Busch isn’t busy providing support for disaster relief operations, they produce over 100 million barrels of beer yearly. The brewery is also widely known for its famed beer brands like Bud Light, Budweiser, Busch, and Michelob. This time, they shut down beer production at Cartersville, Georgia to make way for producing and shipping cans of drinking water. In fact, they have already sent over 155,000 cans of drinking water to Red Cross shelters situated in Arlington, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The cans of water will be distributed amongst the victims especially in areas where water is the most necessary.

Anheuser-Busch contributed over 2 million cans of emergency drinking water for the communities that suffered from natural disasters in 2016. Among the calamity survivors, they were able to help include those who were hit by the Louisiana floods, Hurricane Matthew, and the wildfires in California.

Sarah Schilling, brewmaster of the brewery’s Cartersville branch adds,

Throughout the year, we periodically pause beer production at our Cartersville, Georgia, brewery to produce emergency canned drinking water so we are ready to help out communities across the country in times of crisis. Putting our production and logistics strengths to work by providing safe, clean drinking water is the best way we can help in these situations.

Philanthropic companies like Anheuser-Busch are what our world needs today, especially when natural calamities and even personal differences break us apart. Kudos for your dedication to help and deliver a positive difference in the society!

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Rain pounds Texas as rivers swell at least 26 dead in flooding in 2 states

Residents near the&nbspSan Jacinto River in Texas are worried about the river’s levels and the threat to their homes.

The death toll from almost a week of fierce rain that has flooded many parts of Texas continued to rise on Friday as officials closely watched the swelling rivers for clues on how much longer the crisis would last.

Search teams continued their work on Friday along the raging Colorado River in Wharton and the Brazos and San Jacinto rivers near Houston. Officials say the confirmed death toll in Texas and Oklahoma since the rain began over the Memorial Day weekend was at least 26.

Twenty of the deaths were reported in Texas, including eight in Houston, after officials recovered the body of what appeared to be an 87-year-old man found in the Houston Ship Channel on Thursday evening.

At least 14 people are reported missing.

Late Friday night, President Obama declared a major disaster exists in Texas and ordered federal aid to the state, according to statement from the White House. The declaration makes federal funding available to those affected in Harris, Hays and Van Zandt counties.

Rain continued to fall in north and south Texas--up to 7 inches outside Dallas--prompting more floods and flood warnings on Friday across a state already facing its wettest month on record. More rain was expected to fall on already water-logged areas near Houston on Saturday.

Wharton City Secretary Paula Favors said Friday morning that the Colorado River had risen to 40.5 feet, and that forecasters had delayed and downgraded the predicted crest to 43.4 feet on Saturday morning.

“We’re also seeing showers in the area,” she warned. “That number does not include the rainfall.”

Cynthia Wormely, 53, had to decide overnight whether to evacuate her home near the Colorado River in Wharton, about 60 miles south of Houston.

Wormely, who is retired, was watching her 6-year-old grandson Eldrick Gonzalez while her daughter worked. She took him with her late Thursday to survey the surging, muddy waters at Riverfront Park. The Colorado had burst out of its banks and was climbing, swallowing tree trunks and nearing some homes on the other side of town.

“This is so frustrating,” Wormely said as she watched the water in her purple T-shirt and shorts.

Wharton’s west side has flooded before. This time, officials had urged about 300 people to evacuate, including those on Hughes Street where Wormely lives. The American Red Cross set up a shelter at the local middle school with about 180 cots in the gym. Only five people were staying overnight, but 67 had pre-registered for Friday.

Part of the equation in Wormely’s decision was her daughter’s pit bull, Rocky. She wasn’t sure the dog would be welcome at the shelter. Also, neighbors were divided about the shelter.

“Some say they staying, some leaving,” Wormely said.

As she left the riverfront to check the shelter, a man slowed his pickup truck and shouted a hello.

“What you doing, you staying?” she shouted back.

Heck no, the man said, laughing.

“He’s closer to the river than I am,” she said as she and Eldrick climbed into her battered sedan and drove to the shelter.

Outside the shelter, Wormely spotted cages for dogs, which eased her concern about Rocky.

Wormely checked out a cot as Eldrick climbed the empty bleachers at the new shelter.

“I guess everybody is coming tomorrow,” she said.

She decided to pre-register and return home with her grandson for the night.

“See you tomorrow,” she told the volunteers, and sighed. “Now my head is hurting.”

Among those sending aid was an Anheuser-Busch plant in Georgia that halted beer production and began canning water, which was sent to the Red Cross for flood victims in Texas and Oklahoma.

In Parker County, about 70 miles west of Dallas, the Brazos River was dangerously rising after overnight rains. About 250 homeowners along the Brazos were asked to evacuate earlier after water was released into the river from rain-stoked Possum Kingdom Lake.

“The river had dropped below flood stage Thursday evening, but then we started receiving rain last night and it continued into the morning,” said Joel Kertok, spokesman for the county’s office of emergency management.

The river had crested at 23.5 feet, with water “right up to the foundations of 11 homes” he said, and, “We know if we get above that we move past minor flooding to getting into people’s homes.”

The river is currently almost five inches over its banks passing flood stage at 21 feet “and it is coming up,” Kertock said. Even more water was expected to hit the river Friday morning.

“We just received word that they had opened up another [flood] gate at Possum Kingdom Lake. They had already opened one gate this morning. That water is heading down the Brazos River and will lead to continued flooding through the weekend,” Kertok said, adding, “This is what we were afraid of.”

As of Friday, the National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for 21 Texas regions including Johnson, Travis and Bastrop counties.

“It’s bad all around north Texas and into Oklahoma. We need the rain, we were in a five-year drought and that drought is over thankfully, but the rain continues,” Kertok said.

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The Georgia brewery halts production periodically throughout the year to prepare canned drinking water so it can be ready to help American communities in times of need.

The drinking water was already canned and ready to be shipped when the Red Cross issued an urgent request to support communities hit by Hurricane Harvey, according to Anheuser-Busch.

This isn't the first time the Cartersville location has stepped up after a number of major national disasters.

More than 50,000 cans are being shipped to a Red Cross in Baton Rouge and another 155,000 cans to Arlington, Texas

They also sent canned water for victims of Hurricane Matthew, firefighters working wildfires in Washington state and victims of Hurricane Sandy, according to WGNTV.

More than 50,000 cans of emergency drinking water are being shipped to a Red Cross facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a flash flood watch in in effect until Thursday.

Two more truckloads containing more than 100,000 cans are being sent to Arlington, Texas ― making the total amount of cans more than 155,000.

Members of the Texas Task Force search through a destroyed apartment in Rockport, Texas, to find anyone who still may be inside

'Putting our production and logistics strengths to work by providing safe, clean drinking water is the best way we can help in these situations,' Bill Bradley, Anheuser-Busch's Vice President for Community Affairs, said.

The average annual rainfall in Houston is 50 inches. The city has seen 25 inches of rain in two days and another 25 inches could fall by Saturday, according to CNN.

Thousands of people have fled to their rooftops or higher ground as rescuers struggle to keep up with calls for help.

Houston emergency services have received nearly 6,000 appeals for rescues. The coast guard said it had rescued 1,200 people, of which 200 were from the air, according to The Guardian.

The average annual rainfall in Houston is 50 inches. The city could see that same amount by Saturday

Anheuser-Busch Halted Beer Production to Give Water to Texas, Oklahoma Storm Victims - Recipes

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Amanda Watts said in her police statement:

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Police said they confiscated over $10,000 in cash, five crack pipes and a baby alligator.

Anheuser-Busch Halts Beer Production to Provide Water for Texas, Oklahoma Storm Victims

Beer giant Anheuser-Busch stopped production at its Georgia brewery this week to instead produce drinking water for those affected by a deadly bout of historic flooding and storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

Anheuser-Busch said it had stopped beer production at its Cartersville brewery in Georgia late Wednesday night to produce 50,000 cans of water for the American Red Cross.

"Right now our production line is running emergency drinking water instead of beer," Cartersville brewery manager Rob Haas told NBC News.

The Cartersville brewery produces cans of emergency relief water a few times a year, Haas said, partnering with the American Red Cross to provide to places in need within the United States.

"It's something we're uniquely positioned to do in a very timely period," he said.

About 2,000 cases, each carrying 24 cans, are en route to communities in Texas and Oklahoma, he added. The water is expected to reach those areas within the next few days.

Red Cross spokesman Jordan Scott said the organization had been working with Anheuser-Busch, one of their disaster relief partners, to iron out the logistics of the water shipments and what areas they were needed the most.

"Oklahoma and Texas are in an unprecedented situation," Scott said. "There are a lot of folks in need and everyone's coming forward to help out."

Scott said the additional drinking water would be "critical" to relief efforts in the area.

Heavy storms and floods in Texas and Oklahoma this week have left at least 25 people dead, more than a dozen missing, and thousands of homes damaged. The rainfall was enough to fully reverse a drought afflicting the area for the last five years, according to meteorologists.

Anheuser-Busch has 12 breweries in the United States and is the maker of several major brands including Budweiser, Michelob ULTRA, Beck's, Kirin and O'Doul's.

What's going on in the beer world?

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Anheuser-Busch and L&F Distributors Donate Emergency Drinking Water to City of Corpus Christi and American Red Cross

Anheuser-Busch and L&F Distributors are providing 22 pallets- more than 8,600 cans- of emergency drinking water to local communities in Corpus Christi, in partnership with the City of Corpus Christi and the Red Cross. The delivery is in response to requests from the American Red Cross to aid Corpus communities impacted by the recent winter storms. As safety is the foremost and primary concern, Anheuser-Busch and L&F Distributors are closely monitoring the winter storms and taking action to ensure colleagues in the region are safe. The canned water arrived today in Corpus Christi, where the office of the City of Corpus Christi will work with the American Red Cross to distribute the water to those in need. The water will be sourced from Anheuser-Busch’s brewery which periodically pauses beer production to can drinking water and be ready to help communities in times of disaster. Anheuser-Busch has a longstanding tradition of providing emergency drinking water and supplies for disaster relief efforts in partnership with the American Red Cross – dating back to 1906. Since 1988, Anheuser-Busch and their wholesaler partners have provided more than 86 million cans of water to U.S. communities affected by natural disasters and other crises nationwide. . READ MORE

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View the Bud Lightería® official rules by visiting the NBC contest pages and clicking on the “Rules” link on the bottom of the page: KVEO | KTSM Have a great time playing and send us your questions and comments to [email protected] As usual, make sure you follow us on our social media pages for the latest updates: @lnfmcallen, @lnfharlingen and @lnfelpaso Participating Stores AGUILAR'S MEAT MARKET 1306 E UNIVERSITY DRIVE, EDINBURG, TX 78539 AGUILAR'S MEAT MARKET #2 425 NEBRASKA AVE, SAN JUAN, TX 78589 RUBEN'S GROCERY 620 N 20TH STREET, MCALLEN, TX 78501 AZIZ QUICK STOP 2803 RAUL LONGORIA, SAN JUAN, TX 78589 CMSI 1424 349 W 2ND ST, MERCEDES, TX 78570 CONWAY FOOD MART 115 N CONWAY AVE, MISSION, TX 78572 EL AMIGO SUPERMARKET 6214 BROWNING ST, DONNA, TX 78537 EL KIDS DRIVE THRU 808 E MILE 10 NORTH, WESLACO, TX 78599 E-Z MART 501 FRONTAGE ROAD, ALAMO, TX 78516 JESSIE'S FOOD STORE #5 2317 BUSINESS HIGHWAY 83, MCALLEN, TX 78501 JUNIOR'S EXPRESS 7501 S CAGE, PHARR, TX 78577 JUNIORS SUPERMARKET #2 5901 N VETERANS BLVD, PHARR, TX 78577 JUNIORS SUPERMARKET #3 6501 S CAGE BOULEVARD, PHARR, TX 78577 JUNIORS SUPERMARKET #4 108 E FM 495, SAN JUAN, TX 78589 JUNIORS SUPERMARKET #6 3621 BHWY 281 NORTH, EDINBURG, TX 78541 LA MEXICO 901 W BUSINESS HIGHWAY 83, MISSION, TX 78572 LA MICHOACANA 3001 E EXPY 83, WESLACO, TX 78596 LUKE DRIVE THRU 2900 N SUGAR RD, PHARR, TX 78577 M RIVAS FOOD STORE 836 N CAGE, PHARR, TX 78577 RICK'S QUICK STOP #3 402 W STATE, PHARR, TX 78577 T&I EXPRESS 5718 FM 1015 NORTH, WESLACO, TX 78570 THE BLVD LIQUOR STORE 401 S BICENTENNIAL BLVD, MCALLEN, TX 78501 UNITED DRIVE IN 2620 S 23RD STREET, MCALLEN, TX 78503 VERA'S KING-O-MEATS 1010 HOOKS AVENUE, DONNA, TX 78537 VERA'S KING-O-MEATS 2012 E UNIVERSITY DRIVE, EDINBURG, TX 78542 WESTGATE MEAT MARKET #2 1234 FM 491 NORTH, MERCEDES, TX 78570 STRIPES #2203 2426 EAST LOOP 499, HARLINGEN, TX 78550 STRIPES #2247 221 N MAIN STREET, LA FERIA, TX 78559 STRIPES #7795 1725 S F ST, HARLINGEN, TX 78550 STRIPES #2211 1837 N STUART PLACE RD, HARLINGEN, TX 78552 BREAKTIME #4 16470 HWY 83 SOUTH, HARLINGEN, TX 78552 STEVE'S FOOD MART 5999 W BUSINESS HIGHWAY 83, HARLINGEN, TX 78552 STRIPES #2230 206 VAL VERDE AVENUE, SANTA ROSA, TX 78593 STRIPES #2217 9670 ANACUA ST, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78520 MIKES SUPER MARKET 208 W COLORADO STREET, RIO HONDO, TX 78583 STRIPES #2189 30984 SH 100, SAN BENITO, TX 78586 STRIPES #2281 101 OCEAN BLVD, LOS FRESNOS, TX 78566 LAURELES MEAT MARKET 31216 FM 1575, LOS FRESNOS, TX 78566 STRIPES #2226 28281 FM 106, RIO HONDO, TX 78583 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 2814 INTERNATIONAL BLVD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78521 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 3244 SOUTHMOST ROAD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78521 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 3831 BOCA CHICA BOULEVARD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78521 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 384 HWY 281 WEST, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78520 LA MICHOACANA #5 3505 INTERNATIONAL BLVD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78520 LA MICHOACANA #8 770 W ELIZABETH ST, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78520 KORNER MARKET 1905 N ILLINOIS AVE, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78521 KORNER MARKET #4 24526 PENNSYLVANIA AVE, SAN BENITO, TX 78586 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 860 S SAM HOUSTON, SAN BENITO, TX 78586 AV LOPEZ SUPERMARKET 2302 DELIA AVENUE, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78526 WALMART #4112 2205 RUBEN M TORRES BLVD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78526 SAM'S CLUB #8126 3570 W ALTON GLOOR BLVD, BROWNSVILLE, TX 78520 CIRCLE K #2741264 9050 GATEWAY N BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79904 7 - 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ELEVEN #335 8601 N LOOP DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #301 8386 ALAMEDA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #653 320 S AMERICAS AVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #322 9370 N LOOP DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #323 295 PADRES DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #649 850 N ZARAGOSA RD, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #344 9052 ALAMEDA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #646 8160 GATEWAY BLVD E, EL PASO, TX 79907 7 - ELEVEN #329 995 LOMALAND DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 FOOD KING #76 9016 ALAMEDA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79907 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #8515 1073 COUNTRY CLUB ROAD, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #1190 ESCONDIDO, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6098 6200 N MESA, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K #2741261 7660 N MESA, EL PASO, TX 79912 CORNER STORE #1748 5600 N DESERT BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K #2741350 660 SUNLAND PARK, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6022 900 E REDD ROAD, EL PASO, TX 79912 7 - ELEVEN #610 301 SHADOW MOUNTAIN DR, EL PASO, TX 79912 7 - ELEVEN #636 6500 ESCONDIDO DR, EL PASO, TX 79912 7 - ELEVEN #626 5385 N MESA STREET, EL PASO, TX 79912 7 - ELEVEN #647 701 N RESLER, EL PASO, TX 79912 7 - ELEVEN #347 400 S MESA HILLS, EL PASO, TX 79912 FOOD KING #83 6021 NORTH MESA, EL PASO, TX 79912 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #0450 7100 NORTH LOOP, EL PASO, TX 79915 CRICLE K #2741256 7008 GATEWAY BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6112 7800 E GATEWAY BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #327 1811 HUNTER DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #314 7949 KNIGHTS DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #628 ALAMEDA, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #339 7879 N LOOP DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #603 ALAMEDA, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #634 599 N YARBROUGH DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 LOWE'S #96 1025 N CAROLINA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 LOWE'S BIG 8 #75 425 N YARBROUGH DR, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6089 9497 DYER STREET, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #0481 MCCOMBS, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K #2471372 10001 DYER STREET, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #5313 4501 WOODROW BEAN, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K #2741262 9950 GATEWAY BLVD N, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #1257 RUSHING, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K #2741373 10650 GATEWAY BLVD N, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #325 10298 DYER ST, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #620 9635 MCCOMBS ST, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #627 5710 HONDO PASS DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #333 9787 MCCOMBS ST, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #604 10418 RUSHING RD, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #618 10300 MCCOMBS ST, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #652 5020 SEAN HAGGERTY DR, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #609 5201 FAIRBANKS DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 7 - ELEVEN #645 4525 SUN VALLEY DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79915 FOOD KING #69 9817 DYER STREET, EL PASO, TX 79915 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #5306 6095 MONTANA AVENUE, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K #2706104 10100 MONTANA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #1508 MONTANA, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #0026 MCRAE, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K #2741362 AIRWAY, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K #2741356 WEDGEWOOD, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K #2740863 VISCOUNT, EL PASO, TX 79925 7 - ELEVEN #613 6360 AIRPORT RD, EL PASO, TX 79925 7 - ELEVEN #643 6680 MONTANA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79925 7 - ELEVEN #616 3101 N YARBROUGH DR, EL PASO, TX 79925 7 - ELEVEN #607 3525 N YARBROUGH DR, EL PASO, TX 79925 LOWE'S BIG 8 # 71 3333 N YARBROUGH, EL PASO, TX 79925 CIRCLE K #2741272 10790 NORTH LOOP DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79927 CIRCLE K #6023 10491 NORTH LOOP DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79927 CIRCLE K #2741275 11488 SOCORRO ROAD, EL PASO, TX 79927 7 - ELEVEN #319 9829 SOCORRO RD, EL PASO, TX 79927 7 - ELEVEN #340 14034 HORIZON BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79927 7 - ELEVEN #348 10001 ALAMEDA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79927 7 - ELEVEN #304 602 S HORIZON BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79927 LOVE'S TRAVEL STOP #214 1300 HORIZON BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79927 FOOD KING #77 10720 N LOOP DR, EL PASO, TX 79927 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6021 11685 PEBBLE HILLS BLVD, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #5312 MONTWOOD, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K #2741270 11302 MONTANA STREET, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K #2741299 1135 JOE BATTLE, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6309 11390 MONTWOOD DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6307 ZARAGOSA, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #6454 1400 N LEE TREVINO DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #5305 1471 N ZARAGOSA, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K #2741255 MONTWOOD, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K #3288 2297 N ZARAGOZA, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #8775 1520 LEE TREVINO, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K FOOD STORE #1506 1500 GEORGE DIETER, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #336 11761 VISTA DEL SOL DR, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #648 1490 GEORGE DIETER DR, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #342 11995 GATEWAY BLVD W, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #337 11601 ROJAS DRIVE, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #650 1330 N ZARAGOSA, EL PASO, TX 79936 7 - ELEVEN #343 2955 GEORGE DIETER DR, EL PASO, TX 79936 LOWE'S BIG 8 #73 1480 GEORGE DIETER, EL PASO, TX 79936 LOWE'S BIG 8 #72 1840 LEE TREVINO, EL PASO, TX 79936 CIRCLE K #6015 12680 MONTANA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79938 CIRCLE K #2741253 2210 JOE BATTLE, EL PASO, TX 79938 CORNER STORE #1531 3291 N ZARAGOZA ROAD, EL PASO, TX 79938 CORNER STORE #2777 12681 MONTANA AVENUE, EL PASO, TX 79938 7 - ELEVEN #632 3020 N LEE TREVINO DR, EL PASO, TX 79938 7 - ELEVEN #655 2100 N ZARAGOSA RD, EL PASO, TX 79938 FOOD KING 8201 DYER STREET, EL PASO, TX 79904 FOOD KING 7945 N MESA ST, EL PASO, TX 79932 FOOD KING 9120 DYER STREET, EL PASO, TX 79924 FOOD KING 3518 MONTANA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79903 FOOD KING 3333 N YARBROUGH, EL PASO, TX 79925 VISTA QUALITY MARKETS DONIPHAN 3920 DONIPHAN DR, EL PASO, TX 79922 VISTA QUALITY MARKET PIEDRAS 3116 N PIEDRAS ST, EL PASO, TX 79930 VISTA URBAN MARKET 1960 GEORGE DIETER DR, EL PASO, TX 79936 VISTA CENTRAL MARKET 2231 N ZARAGOZA RD, EL PASO, TX 79938 VISTA QUALITY MARKET SOCORRO 10005 ALAMEDA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79927 MONTANA VISTA MARKET 14700 MONTANA AVE, EL PASO, TX 79938 NBC Sunday Night Football 2020 Schedule October 4, 2020 Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers October 11, 2020 Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks October 18, 2020 Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers October 25, 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Las Vegas Raiders November 1, 2020 Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles November 8, 2020 New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers November 15, 2020 Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots November 22, 2020 Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders November 29, 2020 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers December 6, 2020 Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs December 13, 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffallo Bills December 20, 2020 San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys December 27, 2020 Tennessee Titans vs. Green Bay Packers . 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Celebrate #WomensEqualityDay with Bud Light Seltzer

Today is #WomensEqualityDay and the 100th Anniversary of the ratification and implementation of the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which grants women the right to vote! Women are an unstoppable, powerful force that accounts for more than 50 percent of the Texas population. Throughout the last two weeks, we featured local #EmpoweredTexasWomen that embody strong, professional women and leaders in our community. Our features are influential, hardworking and participate in community initiatives that empower other women and children. Here are some fun facts about Texas women— did you know that 26 percent of Texas firms are female-owned and approximately 20 percent of leadership roles are held by women? Furthermore, more than 51 percent of bachelor’s degrees belong to women. Visit our news section for the biography of our local Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen features to learn how they've impacted your community through their charity and work. Our L&F staff feel honored to have met and featured these amazing women on our media outlets. The future is female and we're all about it. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Dr. Annabelle Lopez of the Rio Grande Valley

Dr. Annabelle Lopez, MD is our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature! This amazing woman has been a doctor for more than 14 years after graduating from the University of Texas Southwestern. She was accepted to medical school only four years after migrating to the United States from Cuba! She is passionate about empowering women and volunteering abroad to treat patients without immediate access to healthcare. Dr. Annabelle’s parents—her role models—left Cuba to give their daughters the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Her great-grandmother was a fierce, independent business owner and taught her daughters self-respect and to be independent. Today, Dr. Annabelle owns her own practice and employees 15 strong women. One of her primary motivations in life is her 12-year-old daughter who often accompanies Dr. Annabelle to medical missions in Guatemala and other Central American countries. “I go once a year to remote areas of Guatemala where I work under deplorable conditions and perform as many gynecological surgeries as possible,” says Dr. Annabelle. “Due to the COVID pandemic, I have recently dedicated all my efforts to helping first responders and the public attain proper protective equipment.” Her advice to young women everywhere is to set goals high, don’t settle for less and maintain a strong focus—wise words, indeed! Thank you, Dr. Annabelle, for being an exemplary powerful, independent and fearless leader to your Rio Grande Valley community. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Mona Lisa Tapia of the Rio Grande Valley

Mona Lisa Tapia of Harlingen is our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature! Mona is an entrepreneur of 17 years and owns South Texas Auto Center of San Benito. Throughout her career, she’s been empowered by her creative freedom to run her business. She is especially proud of working alongside her husband of 26 years. As a full-time mother of a beautiful daughter, Mona has been successful in finding work-life balance, even though she is actively involved in many community projects and events. She helps raise scholarship funds for local students, is a prominent sponsor of many student organizations throughout Cameron County and is President of the Lone Star Pacesetters Triathlon Club. She is a key player in coordinating many local marathons and races, such as the Girls Duathlon and Hot Summer Shoe Run, a 5K and 10K race that raises funds and collects shoes for the Sunny Glen Home for Children in San Benito. Finally, she is a member of 100 Women Who Give A Damn, a female-only non-profit that raises funds for local community causes. Mona deems her grandmother, Olivia Perez, as her role model. She describes her as inspirational, independent, strong-willed and caring. Throughout her life, Mona has surrounded herself with positive women who have inspired her to never give up on her professional goals—and she advises young women everywhere to do the same in order to achieve greatness. Thank you, Mona, for being a powerful woman and role model to your Rio Grande Valley community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Linda A. Garza, JD of Laredo

Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Linda A. Garza of Laredo! Linda is a general counsel for Siete Family Foods and a former Webb County Assistant District Attorney who was later promoted to Chief Prosecutor for the special victims unit that handles child abuse and sexual assault cases. She is proud supporter of the Laredo-Webb County Children’s Advocacy Center, a non-profit that provides essential services to abused and neglected children, and she does what she can to help them. Linda is the mother of four wonderful children who motivate her to be the best version of herself. Her role model is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who faced gender discrimination during the early part of her career but rose above her challenges to be a tough women’s rights advocate. Linda credits her mother and grandmother for her success and commends them for the sacrifices they made to help her through her education. To young women everywhere, Linda advises to stand strong against their challenges with their heads held high: “Surround yourself with positive people who root for you and want to see you succeed.” Thank you, Linda, for being an exceptional community advocate and a voice for the vulnerable in Laredo! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Natalie Hernandez of Laredo

Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Natalie Hernandez of Laredo! Natalie is a native Laredoan and graduate of Martin High School. She is the Vice President of Falcon International Bank and the current President of the 124th Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association (WBCA). She is especially proud of working for Falcon International, an institution that shares her values of faith, family and giving back to the community. Natalie’s primary motivation comes from her mother, husband and two sons. She describes her mother as strong and hardworking and her husband as always encouraging her to face her challenges and not be too hard on herself. She is inspired by women in her everyday life and believes in lifting each other up—like Michelle Obama said: “There is no limit to what we as woman can accomplish.” Natalie is a strong advocate of improving the quality of life of Laredo and volunteers on her spare time at United Way of Laredo and WBCA. Her advise to young women everywhere is to stay true to themselves and be the best at what they do: “Enjoy every stage in your life, as each will bring a lesson that you will learn and grow from.” Thank you, Natalie, for being a powerful woman and a role model for many of us in Laredo! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Esmeralda Garcia of Laredo

Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Esmeralda Garcia of Laredo! Esmeralda is a local registered nurse who will not be intimidated by the challenges she faces in her career. She is passionate about supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and believes there will be a cure for breast cancer one day. She describes her work in the medical field as fulfilling and a source of pride, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has challenged her on another level. Her role models are her parents, who urged Esmeralda and her siblings to focus on their education. They are both teachers who set the bar high for them as their way of preparing them for their career. She is especially proud of her determination to get through nursing school and the early stage of her career when she started in the ER frontlines. She works alongside many powerful women, particularly nurse practitioners whose knowledge and expertise have motivated her to go back to school. Esmeralda’s inspirational advice to young women is to never allow others to tell you what you can and cannot accomplish, but rather prove them wrong by working hard and overcoming their obstacles. Thank you, Esmeralda, for being a strong, powerful medical professional—there is no doubt in our minds that you will be successful in your future endeavors! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Dr. Sylvia Acosta of El Paso

Today’s Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Dr. Sylvia Acosta of El Paso! Dr. Acosta is the Chief Executive Officer of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of the El Paso del Norte region, a non-profit whose mission is to promote racial justice, gender equality and human dignity. She is especially proud of working with brilliant women every day. Dr. Acosta has more than 25 years of experience in managing non-profit organizations and is a first-generation American and college graduate whose parents immigrated from Chihuahua, Mexico. She earned her PhD in Educational Leadership from New Mexico State University, making her part of the 1 percent statistic of Mexican-Americans who hold PhDs. Her role models are her mother and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who rose above challenges of discrimination during the early stages of her career. Her amazing mother has taught her about kindness, love, social justice and the importance of voting during elections. She works with many powerful women who have supported and empowered her throughout her career: “There is a lesson to be learned for every interaction you have with women, whatever their role may be.” Dr. Acosta’s advice to young women everywhere is to dream big, work hard and stay focused and committed to achieving their professional goals. Thank you, Dr. Acosta, for being an exemplary powerful women making a difference in the El Paso community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Jessica Delgado of McAllen

We’re getting closer to Women’s Equality Day! Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Jessica Delgado of McAllen. Jessica is the owner of the Delgado Collective restaurant group that is comprised of house. wine. & bistro, SALT-New American Table and Salomé on Main—she’s been a restaurateur for approximately 13 years! Jessica sits on the board of the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) for the entire state and region and has previously served as the chairwoman of the TRA Education Foundation. She is also a board member of the McAllen Boys and Girls Club and of the Friends of IB Group at Lamar Academy. One of her proudest accomplishments is becoming the youngest female partner at Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 26 years old, at a time when the industry was male-dominated. As a passionate supporter of women and children, Jessica wishes to bring awareness to the existing global human and sex trafficking problem: “This horrible modern-day slavery must end.” Her role model is Christine Caine, a pastor and founder of the global anti-human trafficking organization, the A21 Campaign, and Propel Women, a faith-based leadership development for women. Throughout her life, Jessica has surrounded herself with inspiring, encouraging and loving women. Her advice to young women is to be inspiring, kind and a moral compass to others: “Kind confidence, body language and eye contact will get you much further than aggressive confidence.” Thank you, Jessica, for being a great example of a strong, confident and powerful woman to your McAllen community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Dr. Bonnie Villarreal, DDS of Harlingen

Women’s Equality Day is just around the corner! Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Dr. S. “Bonnie” de la Rosa Villarreal, DDS of Harlingen! Dr. Bonnie has been a dentist and co-owner of Rio Vista Dentistry for the last 20 years! Her proudest accomplishments include changing the lives of her patients through her work and co-founding KidFit, a local festival that teaches children about the community and leading healthy lives. Dr. Bonnie is extremely passionate about supporting her community and volunteering in projects that improve the lives of the Rio Grande Valley people. Her mother—also her role model—was the first Hispanic female real estate broker in Harlingen who had to overcome many obstacles throughout her career. Dr. Bonnie’s mother has taught her to learn from example and always remember that “we reap what we sow.” Dr. Bonnie surrounds herself with women who support and help bring out the best in each other. Her advise to young women everywhere is to be courteous and kind, but never a doormat for others, to speak freely and openly, and to never react in anger during confrontation: “All women are powerhouses and we bring out the good in each other.” Thank you, Dr. Bonnie, for being a great example of a strong, confident and powerful woman to the Harlingen community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Marilyn Bautista of Laredo

We’re getting closer to Women’s Equality Day! Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Marilyn Bautista of Laredo. Marilyn is a community advocate, a social media content creator and student currently in grad school at Texas A&M International University. Her primary motivators are her two sons and supporting other local strong women. Marilyn is a fierce fighter and educator on issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. She is the spokesperson and co-founder of the NO MORE movement, a national organization that educates the public on stopping and preventing these issues. In 2015, Marilyn won Ms. Texas United America, a platform that helped her influence local legislation on these issues. Throughout her reign, she helped coordinate marches and help raise funds for NO MORE and other organizations, such as the Rape Crisis Center. Marilyn celebrates women and small business. She believes in unity and collaboration, and she advises young women everywhere to remember these words: “Community and collaboration over competition.” She urges women everywhere to be supportive of each other and help the women empowerment movement to get stronger. Thank you, Marilyn, for being a great example of a strong, confident and powerful woman to your Laredo community. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Camilla Sosa of Laredo

Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Camilla Sosa of Laredo! Camilla is a marketing director who loves supporting her community through volunteer work at the South Texas Food Bank of Laredo and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a nationwide network that supports education and fights for Latino civil rights. She is also the communications director for Texas State LULAC, president of LULAC 956 and chairperson for the Webb County Democratic Precinct #134. She is passionate about civil rights and education and is especially proud of her disaster response work at the food bank during recent crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Hanna. Some of her role models include other powerful women, such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She credits Mrs. Alma Boubel, the executive director at South Texas Food Bank, as her mentor, and surrounds herself with other strong women who are confident and comfortable with success. Her advice to young women everywhere to never stop rooting for yourself and never allow others to silence you: “People expect us to be shy and soft-spoken, but I’ve learned that it is important to raise your voice on issues that matter to you.” Thank you, Camilla, for being a great example of a strong, confident and powerful woman to your Laredo community. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Tania Peregrino Yee of El Paso

Women’s Equality Day is just around the corner! Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Tania Peregrino Yee of El Paso. Tania is a local painter, published illustrator, restaurateur, certified yoga instructor and co-founder of Girls Lead Summit, a non-profit focused on empowering the next generation of young female leaders through peer-to-peer workshops. Tania is passionate about women empowerment, self-love and her spiritual practices. She has met many empowered women who have positively influenced her life, but her role models are her mother and Jesus. She surrounds herself with other positive women, some of who introduced her to the practice of yoga and meditation which sparked her spiritual journey. She encourages young women everywhere to incorporate yoga, meditation, reading, praying and journaling as catalysts for opening new doors, new ideas and new business ventures and urges them to follow their hearts: “We get lost on impressing others rather than focusing on our true path—silence and meditation give answers!” Thank you, Tania, for being a powerful role model for your El Paso community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Mara Portillo of El Paso

Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Mara Portillo of El Paso! Mara is the Vice President and Compliance Officer of WestStar Bank and was the second person in the El Paso area to obtain a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) certification. Mara is passionate about supporting women and organizations that help women, such as the Women’s Fund of El Paso. She has been on the board of directors for the Women’s Fund since 2015 and currently serves as president. She is a proud MBA graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso. Throughout her life, Mara has been fortunate to be surrounded by women who support her on her personal and professional life. Her role model is her mother and Mara credits her for teaching her to be strong and independent. Her advice to young women everywhere is to learn, work hard and take pride in their work rather than letting fear get in the way of their accomplishments: “Remember you deserve to succeed and you earned it.” Thank you, Mara, for being a great example of a powerful woman to your El Paso community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Sony Rego of McAllen

Sony Rego of McAllen is our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen candidate! Sony is the owner of Santa Fe Steakhouse, the Republic of the Rio Grande and University Drafthouse— she has been in the foodservice industry for 20 years! She loves art and history and is a proud supporter of education and children with special needs. Sony has served as a board member of the Easter Seals, Museum of South Texas History and the Valley Symphonic Orchestra. She is especially proud of her annual Santa Fe Steakhouse Wine Classic that helps raise scholarship funds for local high school students as well as the University Drafthouse Beer Fest, which raises funds for the Cultural and Arts Foundation of Edinburg. Throughout her life, Sony has met many people who she admires, who she has learned from and who she continues to emulate: “The strength and resilience that I observe in successful women has taught me to persevere and continue fighting.” Her advice to young women everywhere is to enjoy what you do, have fun, be honest, do your best and always have faith. Thank you for being powerful, professional and inspiring, Sony! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Betty Wells of Port Isabel

Betty Wells of Port Isabel is our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen candidate! She is President of Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce and has spent the last 40 years contributing to the economic development of the area, particularly through annual events that attract visitors from all over Texas. She is especially proud of her accomplishments during her 26-year term as Director for the Texas International Fishing Tournament. Throughout her personal and professional life, Betty has been blessed to come across many strong, supportive and courageous women who have fought fearlessly to rise above their challenges. Betty’s role model is her 97-year-old mother-in-law, who she describes as fiercely independent with no signs of slowing down. Her advice to young women is to always be prepared with a back-up plan in case Plan A doesn’t work out. “I try to make a positive difference every day, no matter how small, and I continue to be excited about what lies ahead.” Join us in congratulating Betty for being a powerful, professional and inspiring woman! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: María Fernanda Treviño of El Paso

Are you as passionate about saving our planet as our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen candidate? We’re pleased to feature María Fernanda Treviño of El Paso! María is a local community planning fellow and co-founder of COEX Community, a non-profit organization that is a proponent of peaceful coexistence between humankind and other life forms on earth. Her role models are Ian McHarg and Jane Goodall, who are iconic advocates of saving our environment and ecosystems. María is particularly proud of earning two master’s degrees and two certifications and having gained experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors throughout her professional life. She has a lighthearted outlook of life and encourages young women everywhere to be adaptable to change and grateful for all the lessons that life has to offer: “There will be obstacles down the road… but they are building blocks to your success.” She has encountered two types of powerful women throughout her life: one who provides a shoulder to cry on and another whose tough love encourages her to stand up for herself. Thank you, María, for being a powerful role model to women everywhere! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Monica Flores of El Paso

It is no secret that teachers are simply heroes without capes. Our next Bud Light Seltzer #EmpoweredTexasWomen feature is Monica Cristina Flores of El Paso, an elementary school teacher whose passion is to help and guide her students to do better academically and become model citizens for their communities—in fact, she is a proud recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award for the 2018-2019 academic year! Monica is particularly passionate about supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital after her daughter was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. Her experience with St. Jude opened her eyes to the reality of critically ill children and the emotional and financial burden caused to their families. Her role model is her mother, who has taught Monica to be strong, confident, independent and hardworking. She advises young women to work hard to achieve what they are most passionate about and to remember these wise words from Oprah Winfrey: “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Monica also mentions her sisters, daughter, mother-in-law, Ms. Polanco and Ms. Alvarez of Alicia R. Chacon Elementary, as powerful women in her life who have influenced her to be the woman and teacher that she is today. Thank you, Monica, for being an exemplary powerful woman for the El Paso community! . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Esmeralda Garcia of McAllen

McAllen native, Esmeralda Garcia, has been a director at Yaqui Animal Rescue for approximately seven years. She is passionate about social causes to protect vulnerable lives, such as children, animals and the environment. Her biggest role model is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who she admires for her fearlessness and passion for the law. Esmer feels blessed for having met many women throughout her life that have encouraged her to be independent and to follow her passion. She advises young women in our community to stop worrying about what others expect of them and just do what makes them happy. She is especially proud of her opportunities to work with children when presenting on animal welfare: “I believe that planting the seed early is crucial… my hope is that future generations will be more conscious about animal welfare.” Finally, Esmer wants to remind everyone to adopt and don’t shop! When looking for a furry companion, visit local animal shelters where thousands of homeless pets await a forever home. Visit to learn more about Esmer and her team. Congratulations on being an #EmpoweredTexasWoman, Esmer. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Cassandra Garcia of Brownsville

Cassandra Garcia has been a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Brownsville, Texas since 2015. Throughout the recent months, she has fought tirelessly for her COVID-19 patients, often working as much as 80 hours per week and wearing personal protective equipment throughout 16-hour shifts. Born in Raymondville, Cassandra has overcome many personal challenges to meet her professional goals, including being raised by a single mother and working around dyslexia. She is passionate about serving her community and making patients smile: “When I come into work to treat my patients, I want them to know that they are not alone.” She’s a firm advocate against child abuse and child hunger and wants to remind young women everywhere to stay active in sports and—as cliché as it is—keep following their dreams. She is especially grateful for the women in her life, particularly her mother and two sisters who have supported her all along. Congratulations on being an #EmpoweredTexasWoman, Cassandra! Your community is fortunate to have a strong, professional Texan woman like you. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Ashley Megan Gastineau of Laredo

Ashley Megan Gastineau is a local Extension Agent who is proud to say that Jennifer Lopez is her role model! Ashley is fierce proponent of mental health awareness and a fearless adversary to domestic violence, sexual assault and bullying. Her list of professional achievements include receiving the 2020 Agent Award for Family and Community Health and Community Development in Texas from the Texas Extension Specialist Association speaking at the USDA’s 2018 National Institute of Food and Agriculture listening session “Investing in Science to Transform Lives” on the importance of implementing mental health programs and meeting with the President of Prairie View A&M University to discuss the local programs conducted as an extension agent. In her spare time, Ashley loves to cook and share recipes with her friends and family. She is a certified yoga instructor and believes in the healing power of yoga and breathing techniques. Other women in her life have been supportive, caring, intelligent, strong, independent and passionate. Her advice to young women in Laredo is to never give up: “There are going to be disappointments and failures, but you must learn to gain strength and overcome your obstacles in order to reach your goals.” Congratulations on being an #EmpoweredTexasWoman, Ashley! Your community is fortunate to have a strong, professional Texan woman like you. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Stephanie Martinez-Olivares of Laredo

Stephanie Martinez-Olivares is a Pharmacist at Martinez Pharmacy off Jacaman Road. She was born and raised in Laredo and followed her father’s footsteps in becoming a pharmacist. She loves working alongside him and serving the Laredo community through her work and by volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and Laredo Animal Protection Society in her spare time. She’s very proud of her initiatives in immunization services and implementing effective policies and procedures at the Doctor’s Hospital to enhance the quality of patient care. Although her role models are her father and husband, Stephanie credits many women in her life for helping to positively influence her personal and professional growth. Supportive women have given her the confidence she needed at times when doubting herself. Her inspirational advice to young women in Laredo is to never become complacent in life, but rather become fearless: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Join us in recognizing Gloria as one of our local #EmpoweredTexasWomen. READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Veronica Gonzalez of El Paso

Veronica Gonzalez has been the Director of Student Media and Publications for the University of Texas at El Paso for two years. Her greatest professional achievement is being able to positively influence young people by helping them with their future careers or navigating through their college life. She is also passionate about helping her community by contributing to the Humane Society of El Paso and El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. Veronica’s biggest role model is her mother, who—along with many other professional women she’s met throughout her career—has helped shape her to the woman she is today. When asked about what inspirational advice she would give to young women, she says to never give up: “It may not be easy to reach your goals and there will be obstacles along the way, but dedication and hard work will always pay off.” Congratulations on being an #EmpoweredTexasWoman, Veronica! Your community is fortunate to have a strong, professional Texan woman like you. . READ MORE

#EmpoweredTexasWomen: Gloria Cadena of El Paso

Gloria Cadena is the owner of Bomb Beauty off North Yarbrough Drive in El Paso. As an entrepreneur, Gloria must work around many challenges and finding balance as a working mother. Not only has she done an excellent job as an entrepreneur, but she’s made it a goal to employ other local women, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Her son has been a part of Gloria’s journey as an entrepreneur and motivates her to think bigger and work tirelessly to leave a legacy for her family. “I always tell women—young or older—to start now and start with what you have,” she says. “Whether you have $50 and a do-it-yourself idea, or $50,000 and a college degree, just go for it!” Gloria is passionate about helping the El Paso community in any way she can, such as supporting women-owned businesses or volunteering at homeless shelters or rehab centers. Her biggest role models are “all mothers, all victims, all survivors and every woman who keeps pushing everyday no matter the struggle.” Join us in recognizing Gloria as one of our local #EmpoweredTexasWomen. READ MORE

Bud Light Seltzer Recognizes Exceptional Women in our Community!

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, Bud Light Seltzer is recognizing women in our community. Their goal is to highlight the efforts of women in our area to increase awareness andcontribute positively to the conversation of women’sequality in our border region and in Texas. The contributions women make to the our community are substantial. In Texas, women hold more than half of the state’s twelve million jobs. Further, 51.3% of the total bachelor’s degrees held belong to women and, on average, more than 20% of leadership positions are held by women We sincerely hope that this recognition effort positively influences the conversation about the importance of #EmpoweredTexasWomen! . READ MORE

Estrella Jalisco Summer Program to Benefit Stars Scholarship Fund

Who doesn’t love a light, premium beer—and who doesn’t love seeing our local students thrive in their communities? Our friends at Estrella Jalisco have recently announced a summer sales campaign to benefit our local Stars Scholarship Fund and college students in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Corpus Christi areas! Between now and September 7th, the Estrella Jalisco team will donate $5 for every case of Estrella Jalisco that you buy at your local grocery or convenience store and at your favorite local restaurant—up to $20,000! Stars Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $32 million in scholarship funds to students throughout the L&F Distributors markets since its inception. Learn more about their history and impact on our communities at Cheers to reaching our donation goal and cheers to a great summer ahead! . READ MORE

Nothing Says Verano like Estrella Jalisco

Whether you're lounging by the pool or manning the grill for a delicious carne asada, Estrella Jalisco is the perfect, refreshing complement! Estrella Jalisco is a premium golden pilsner brewed in Jalisco, Mexico with over 100 years of tradition- it is a source of orgullo from Mexico! Remember, if you're craving a beer with the taste of Mexico, reach for an Estrella Jalisco this Summer! ENJOY RESPONSIBLY © 2020 Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light®, St. Louis MO. READ MORE

Who is our next Budweiser Legacy?

Are you the next Budweiser Legacy? L&F Distributors and Budweiser are looking for you! In case you’re wondering ”What exactly a Budweiser Legacy is”, a Legacy is an individual who is actively doing great things in his or her community by volunteering or initiating projects that serve their communities. If you know someone who is making an impact in Hidalgo County, Cameron County, Webb County, Nueces County or El Paso County, nominate them! If they are selected as the next Budweiser Legacy, we will donate $500 to a non-profit of choice and deck them out in swag. Nominate them by sending an email to [email protected] with their name, contact information and the reason why you believe that he or she should be awarded. Check out Manny Martinez’ story and how he earned the title of Budweiser Legacy for December 2019 here. Make sure you're following our social media pages: Facebook: @lnfmcallen @lnfharlingen @lnflaredo Instagram: @lnfmcallen @lnfharlingen @lnflaredo Twitter: @lnfdistributors . READ MORE

Budweiser Select Summer Giveaway

Be Selective and fire up the grill! Summertime: Social Distance Edition is just around the corner and we’re all excited to live our best summer life—safely, of course. Budweiser Select is partnering up with iHeartRadio station in the Rio Grande Valley, FM 100 KTEX and Laredo radio stations, La Ley 100.5 FM and Digital 94.9 FM for a special summer giveaway where five lucky participants will win $100 gift card and a large smoker grill! The sweepstakes starts on June 15th and ends July 15th. Participants need to be 21 years of age or older and be residents of Hidalgo County, Cameron County and Webb County. There are three ways you can enter: 1) Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, 2) Call the radio stations during their morning shows, or 3) Fill out the radio station’s online entry form. If you’d like to enter to win through social media, upload a picture of yourself grilling and celebrating summer with Budweiser Select. On the caption, include #BudsWithDinner and hashtag your location: #McAllen #Harlingen or #Laredo. Tag @BudweiserUSA and make sure your post is public! For McAllen and Harlingen winners, the large smoker grill will be from South Texas Steel out of Edinburg and with an approximate retail value of $850. For Laredo winners, the grill will be from Gonzalez Welding. Make sure you're following our social media pages: Facebook: @lnfmcallen @lnfharlingen @lnflaredo Instagram: @lnfmcallen @lnfharlingen @lnflaredo Twitter: @lnfdistributors . READ MORE

Bud Light's Open For Takeout Directory Now Available to Our On-Premise Partners

Now more than ever, the foodservice industry needs our help to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our areas. Bud Light has created an online directory for all on-premise retailers—i.e., our bars and restaurants—to list their businesses if they are #OpenForTakeout. If you’re one of our on-premise partners offering curbside or delivery service, visit to list your business info, including your menu website, address and phone number. Otherwise, if you’re a customer looking to support our local industry workers, please check out the website for a full list of bars and restaurants near you that have their kitchens open for takeout. Check out food delivery apps, such as Favor, DoorDash and Uber Eats, for additional ways to have your order delivered— and, yes, it is also now legal to have beer, wine and cocktail kits delivered if your order includes food items! Source: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY © 2020 Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light®, St. Louis MO. READ MORE

L&F Distributors Donates $25,000 to the Independent Beer Distributors Relief Fund to Support Restaurant Industry Workers

L&F is proud to announce its $25,000 contribution to the Independent Beer Distributors Relief Fund (IBDRF) to help support our local foodservice industry partners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The IBDRF and the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas collectively donated $60,000 to the Texas Restaurant Association TX Restaurant Relief Fund. Read quote by our very own Val LaMantia Peisen and more details at READ MORE

L&F Distributors Addresses COVID-19 Pandemic

As with many other companies, L&F is closely following the guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our equipment and our vehicles are being wiped down daily, our employees are practicing safe distancing and we have told all non-essential employees to work from home. Thanks to our equipment and the way our products are packaged, employees have limited hands on interaction with our products. We will continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. Thank you for your business and stay safe. READ MORE

L&F Distributors Donates $10,000 to Paso Del Norte Community Foundation's El Paso Food & Beverage Workers Fund

Our L&F Distributors of El Paso warehouse is proud to announce its donation of $10,000 to the El Paso Food & Beverage Workers Fund organized by the Paso del Norte Community Foundation. Now we challenge you to contribute whatever amount you can to help support our foodservice industry workers affected financially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Foodservice industry workers are encouraged to apply for aid assistance of $50 to help with short-term expenses, such as groceries, bills or other low-cost necessities. The Workforce Solutions Borderflex team will be sending approved applicants aid via PayPal. In order to qualify for assistance, applicants must have been laid off, furloughed or working a significant amount of reduced hours. To donate online, scan to QR code on the image above or visit the El Paso Food & Beverage Workers Fund and follow the steps. READ MORE

Bud Light Seltzer- Your Summer Go-To!

Summer 2020 is going to be all about the #seltzerlife! The new Bud Light Seltzer already hit the shelves mid January- and we've heard great reviews! Available in four flavors, Mango, Black Cherry, Lemon and Strawberry, Bud Light Seltzer is a refreshing, low calorie, low carb seltzer that is easy drinking and delicious! Be sure to pick some up at your local convenience or grocery story and try some for yourself! . READ MORE


As if we needed anymore reasons to celebrate with the King of Beers® and America’s Favorite Light Lager®, many Circle K convenient stores around Texas will be having Budweiser® and Bud Light® 12-ounce 18-packs on special till December! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Sunday Night Football, Texas weather under 90 degrees—you name it! Tis the season to stock up and kick back with your buds and your Buds. Pick up an 18-pk as low at $13.99 in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Corpus Christi and El Paso areas. Visit the Circle K Store Locator to check out participating stores near you. . READ MORE


Bud Light and local beverage distributor, L&F Distributors announced they will be donating $35,000 to help produce Khalid’s benefit concert “A Night for Suncity,” presented by The Great Khalid Foundation and the Right Hand Foundation. “As a local business we thought about how we could be the most impactful in our contribution to the victims’ fund,” said Lisa Peisen, Director of Marketing at L&F Distributors. “Khalid’s concert is a way that our small contribution can be amplified more than what we could do on our own.” Khalid will be headlining a benefit concert on September 1, 2019 with special guests at the Don Haskins Center on in support of the El Paso Shooting Victims’ Fund through the El Paso Community Foundation. Funds will be raised through concert tickets, donations and t-shirt sales online and at the show. About Khalid Multi-platinum selling global superstar Khalid, who was recently named one of Time’s Most Influential People of 2019, recently released his sophomore album "Free Spirit" which was declared a New York Times “Critic’s Pick” and was called “superb” by the Associated Press. The album, which has been certified platinum by the RIAA, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and features the multi-format #1 single “Talk”. Khalid catapulted into massive worldwide success when he released his first single “Location” right before his high school graduation. The song’s domination—five times platinum—led to Khalid’s major label deal with Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records followed by the release of his debut album, the double-platinum certified, “American Teen”. The album, which garnered Khalid five Grammy nominations (along with numerous other nominations), received mass critical acclaim with Rolling Stone calling Khalid a “pop prodigy” and TIME Magazine stating, “His thoughtful, relatable reflections on modern youth culture and the limitations of love are just as pitch-perfect as his soulful, measured delivery.” ”American Teen” shattered expectations, as it stayed in the Top 200 for 51 weeks, peaked at #4, and stayed in the Top 20 for 48 out of the 51 weeks it was in the Top 200. The singer-songwriter has won an American Music Award, a Billboard Music Award, a Teen Choice Award, a MTV Video Music Awards, an MTV’s Woodie To Watch Award and has been streamed over 10 billion times worldwide across all partners. Khalid has collaborated with some of music’s biggest stars including his #1 singles “Love Lies” with Normani “Eastside” with Halsey and Benny Blanco as well as hits with artists such as Calvin Harris (“Rollin’”), Logic and Alessia Cara (“1-800-273-8255”), Marshmello (“Silence”), Billie Eilish (“Lovely”), Shawn Mendes (“Youth”), and more. The Mayor and Council of the City of El Paso honored him with a “Key To The City” marking September 13th, 2018 “Khalid Day.” Following that Khalid dropped his “Suncity” EP. Khalid is currently on his “Free Spirit World Tour” which will take him to arena’s all over the globe in 2019. About The Great Khalid Foundation ”The Great Khalid Foundation is committed to impacting the lives of children by alleviating a burden of need. We are reaching out when it matters most, when a supportive gesture can make all the difference. We believe that the power of music not only has the ability to build confidence and camaraderie, we believe that it positively impacts social change for children, families and communities. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of support and freedom for kids to dream BIG! Through our music education programs, scholarship awards, community partnerships and gift giveaways, we are investing in our children and their future.” About Right Hand Foundation Founded by Courtney Stewart, The Right Foundation provides single mothers and children with long term housing, educational programs and infrastructure to prepare them for independent sustainability. Taking this holistic approach to supporting families in unstable living conditions is critical to preventing homelessness and putting families on a path to thrive. The Right Hand Foundation works in underserved communities to uplift and guide future generations. Visit to learn more. . READ MORE

Southside Craft Soda signs on with L&F Distributors

San Antonio, TEXAS - Southside Craft Soda has entered into a distribution agreement with L&F Distributors headquartered in McAllen, Texas. L&F represents Anheuser- Busch and more than 150 craft and import breweries, and distributes an extensive list of wine and spirits, including non-alcoholic brands. . READ MORE

Win Tickets to Your Local Maluma Concert in September!

Who is this global music superstar Maluma guy that everyone keeps talking about?! Asked absolutely no one ever about international megastar and total heartthrob @MALUMA. You’ve probably heard his music on the radio or at your favorite nightclub where they play the top Latin pop hits and reggaeton beats that get you dancing the night away. Not going to lie, but we suddenly forget we have a pair of left feet when we hear tu me partiste el corazón, ¡Ay mi corazón! And if you’ve ever been on social media or have driven around the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and El Paso highways, you’ve probably also seen him as @michelobULTRA’s brand ambassador for the #RitmoULTRA and Va Con Nuestro Ritmo advertising campaign. Alright, alright, we get it, you’re also a super fan if you’re here reading about our obsession with Maluma—let’s get to the sweet part. If you’re a resident of the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and El Paso, and at least 21 years of age or older, the Michelob ULTRA team wants to send you and one lucky friend to the local Maluma concert in your area in September! Well, of course you have to work for them—they aren’t just handing them out like a free keychain. Maluma will be on his 11:11 World Tour on September 19th at the Sames Auto Arena in Laredo September 22nd at the Don Haskins Center at UTEP in El Paso and September 26th at the Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg—part of the McAllen Metropolitan Area—in the Rio Grande Valley. What you need to do is simple and straightforward but you must, must, must get creative in order to increase your chances of winning. Do you know what people are willing to do for a Klondike Bar!? Imagine what they’ll do for Maluma tickets. 1) Upload a video of yourself dancing—preferably to the rhythm of your favorite Maluma song—to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 2) On the post settings, make sure the video is set to public 3) Tag the official @michelobULTRA page and use the hashtag #RitmoULTRAMcAllen, or #RitmoULTRALaredo, or #RitmoULTRAElPaso. No, you can’t use all three! That’s pretty much the gist of it. The chosen participant will be asked to verify their age and residence before being announced as the official grand prize winner of two concert tickets to the local Maluma 11:11 World Tour. No purchase is necessary to qualify for this contest. Oh! And your deadline is Sunday, September 8, 2019 exactly at 11:59 p.m. your time. Once the clock strikes midnight, you’re totally Cinderella and your video will not be considered for the contest. As usual, be sure to follow our L&F Distributors social media pages for up-to-date info on the Show Us Your Rhythm Sweepstakes and send us a direct message if you have any questions about this program. L&F Distributors Social Media Pages Official Twitter Page McAllen Facebook and Instagram Laredo Facebook and Instagram El Paso Facebook and Instagram Have fun and may the reggaeton gods bless you with some sick dance moves! #MalumaBaby. READ MORE

L&F Distributors Partners With Montana-Based Brewer Montucky Cold Snacks

The L&F Distributors family is proud to announce its new partnership with Montana-based Montucky Cold Snacks, a light, refreshing lager with a 4.2 percent ABV that is going to give the value brands out there a run for their money with its full flavor, no bitter aftertaste and the great cause behind it! Co-founders Jeremy Gregory and Chad Zeitner are not about boring, conventional marketing and frills, and are avid supporters of many local non-profit organizations in the areas in which they operate. The company commits an 8 percent of sales revenue to charity, which works out great for L&F Distributors, the underwriting entity for Stars Scholarship Fund, an IRS 501 (c)(3) organization that has disbursed more than $33.7 million to scholarship recipients in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Corpus Christi and El Paso areas. Thus, we’re also happy to announce that Montucky will be donating 25 cents of every case sold by L&F Distributors between August and September to the Stars Scholarship Fund! ”Not only is Montucky a value brand, but it tastes great, it’s fun and it gives back to the community,” says Amy Garcia, Special Events Manager of L&F Distributors South. “Our employees loved the taste and loved it even more when they heard that the company is giving back to the Stars Scholarship—that’s, like, our baby!” The name Montucky is the local term of endearment that Montana natives use when referring to their state and the backwoods and rural parts of it, while cold snacks is a casual synonym to beer. The company is 100 percent independently owned by Jeremy and Chad, who partnered together to create a great tasting beer—or a refreshing ass beer, as they like to refer to it—that captures the American spirit of outdoor celebration and basking in the fun, present moments shared with our friends and family. For more info on Montucky, visit their website here. If you’re a non-profit organization interested in partnering with them, send them an email to [email protected] . READ MORE

#PawTheClaw with White Claw this Summer

Great news for all you animal lovers out there! Our White Claw Spiked Seltzer team is partnering with local animal rescue centers in our L&F Distributors markets—Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Corpus Christi and El Paso—to help our furry friends in the next two months. Between July 15 and August 15, we will be donating $1 per case sold of White Claw to the Laredo Animal Protective Society1 the Yacqui Animal Rescue, Gulf Coast Humane Society and the Humane Society of El Paso2. This includes White Claw sales at convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants and bars that sell White Claw during the next two months. Whether you love puppies, kittens or a low-calorie, low-carb and refreshing seltzer with a kick of alcohol, White Claw is our top choice for a refreshing summer beverage and will probably be yours too if it’s not already! Be sure to pick up a variety pack or a single tall can next time you’re at HEB, Wal-Mart, Vista Supermarket or your local mom-and-pop shop. If you haven’t tried the new Mango flavor, you’re definitely missing out. I think we’ve been over this already, but—add a tropical twist to your summer with Mango! Mango, mango, mango. We can’t get enough. To learn more about how our animal rescue center partners stretch out donations, please visit their websites at the links above or follow them on their social media pages below—and of course, don’t forget to follow our L&F pages too! 1 Up to $1,500. 2 Up to $2,500 View this post on Instagram Make a splash with a hint of mango. Enjoy all natural flavors in White Claw Hard Seltzer. A post shared by White Claw (@whiteclaw) on Feb 22, 2019 at 11:03am PST View this post on Instagram Did you know that Yaqui Animal Rescue sits on 80-acres of ranch land? At our ranch, our animals get their basic needs met (air, water, food, shelter, and space — plus an extra dose of love)! Here are a few pictures of our ranch and the animals that occupy it! • • • We love human visitors too, so message us to schedule a time to visit! A post shared by Yaqui Animal Rescue (@yaquianimalrescue) on Apr 19, 2019 at 11:10am PDT View this post on Instagram Meet our @kgnsnews #petoftheweek Willow! This sweet Pomeranian mix gets along with other dogs and loves belly rubs! Stop by and meet her! ?? . #kgnscares #adoptdontshop #adopt #rescue #pomeranian #pomeranianmix #dogsofinstagram #nokill #nonprofit #laps #lapslaredo #laredoanimalprotectivesociety A post shared by LAPS (@laredoanimalprotectivesociety) on Jul 3, 2019 at 11:22am PDT View this post on Instagram As we are getting ready for the 4th of July, we are helping to educate our community on keeping your pet safe during this day and night. We want to thank @jtkobos , @kristindiaztv , and the entire @kiii3news team for making our morning interview so wonderful with Louie who made his tv debut today! He especially loved watching Alan do the weather! This is just too cute ?? A post shared by Gulf Coast Humane Society (@gchscorpuschristi) on Jul 2, 2019 at 5:46am PDT View this post on Instagram You gotta be &#34kitten&#34 me! ?? We are up to our whiskers with felines! We have extended our &#34Adopt a Shelter Cat Month&#34 special until the end of July. We have cuties of all shapes and sizes, so stop by and meet your next family member today! . A post shared by Humane Society Of El Paso (@humanesocietyep) on Jul 2, 2019 at 3:59pm PDT . READ MORE

L&F, Community Partners Host Government Worker Appreciation BBQ

Throughout the next couple of weeks, L&F Distributors, together with many of our community partners, will be hosting a Government Worker Appreciation BBQ at your local L&F Warehouse as a small effort to assist furloughed federal government workers affected by the extended government shutdown. We don’t believe that it is fair for hardworking civilians to go weeks without a reliable paycheck. Please join us for some good carne asada and—if you’re in the El Paso area—some Texas-style brisket. You have the options to dine at our warehouse or pick up a plate to go from us. Please be sure to have your federal government worker ID badge on hand as it will be required to confirm that we’re indeed providing for our affected government workers. All warehouses will distribute as many BBQ plates as supplies allow. L&F McAllen BBQ Saturday, January 26, 2019 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 3900 N McColl Rd, McAllen, TX 78501 L&F Harlingen BBQ Saturday, January 26, 2019 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 3502 TX-54 Spur, Harlingen, TX 78552 L&F El Paso BBQ Wednesday, January 23, 2019 between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 6969 Market Street, El Paso, TX 79915 L&F Laredo BBQ Saturday, February 2, 2019 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 410 Crossroads Loop, Laredo, TX 78045 The Laredo Warehouse will host the BBQ the Saturday prior to Super Bowl Sunday during the same time as their Bud Light Alumni Super Tailgate Bowl event. This event, however, is strictly for people 21 years of age or older and no children or minors will be admitted to the event grounds. Federal government employees entering the event cannot be accompanied by anyone under 21, but they are welcome to take BBQ plates for their families when they leave. Furthermore, during the L&F El Paso BBQ, we will also be donating a $5,000 check to the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank that will help provide 35,000 healthy meals to the El Paso community. This donation was made possible through a Stella Artois holiday fundraising program on behalf of the food bank. The L&F Warehouses in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Corpus Christi have also donated to their local food banks and made check presentations throughout the last week. We’re looking forward to making the best out of these challenging times with you! If you have any questions, please send us a message through our Contact Page. Finally, thank you to our local Rio Grande Valley and El Paso media for helping us spread awareness of our BBQ events. Our media partners play an integral role in helping us spread awareness of our community events and goodwill. View this post on Instagram As a token of our appreciation for our hardworking government employees, we want to invite any of you in our community who have been affected by the extended government shutdown to a BBQ at our warehouse. Come get some good carne asada on us while supplies last. Please have your government worker ID cards on hand! #HidalgoCounty #StarrCounty #McAllen #GovernmentShutdown #FurloughedEmployees #GovernmentWorkers A post shared by L&ampF Distributors - McAllen (@lnfdistmcallen) on Jan 18, 2019 at 3:46pm PST View this post on Instagram As a token of our appreciation for our hardworking Government employees, we want to invite any of you in our community who have been affected by the extended government shutdown to a BBQ at our warehouse. Come get some good carne asada on us while supplies last. Please have you government worker ID cards on hand! A post shared by L&ampF Distributors - Harlingen (@lnfdistharlingen) on Jan 23, 2019 at 10:08am PST View this post on Instagram As a token of our appreciation for our hardworking government employees, we have partnered with some of our friends to coordinate a free, family friendly BBQ at our warehouse for anyone who has been affected by the extended government shutdown. Come get some awesome brisket on us while supplies last! Please have your government worker ID cards on hand. #ElPaso #GovernmentShutdown #FurloughedEmployees #GovernmentWorkers A post shared by L&ampF Distributors El Paso (@lnfdistelpaso) on Jan 18, 2019 at 4:03pm PST . READ MORE

Natty Light Wants to Help You Pay Down College Loans

Have we got great news for you folk out there living with crippling student loan debt! Your friends at Natural Light® have announced their 2019 #NattyStories #Contest, a college debt relief national campaign to help U.S. residents over the age of 21 pay down their student loans! Yes, no scholarships, no grants, just free money to help ease your burden. Besides the eligibility requirements above, current and former students who have attended an accredited college or university within the last 10 years are eligible to participate in the national contest. The deadline is Saturday, May 18, 2019 at exactly 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That means that if you live in El Paso and Roswell, you’ve got to submit your Natty Story by 9:59 p.m. Mountain Time. And if you’re in all other parts of Texas, your deadline is 10:59 p.m. Central Time. Sounds a little complicated, but you have a little more than four full months to submit your story! Let’s get you better informed: In order to qualify as a successful contest entry (after you verify meeting the above eligibility requirements), the official rules require you to upload a video of yourself to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter in which you tell the Natural Light® team what your inspiration is for going to college, and—this is important—while holding the Natural Light® Green $ Tab. Where do you find this tab thing? There are two ways. First, you can find it inside the specially-marked Natural Light® can packs at your nearest grocer or convenience stores. Second, you can download and print a paper copy of it from the Natural Light website here. The post should be public, tag @Natural Light® and include the hashtags #NattyStories and #Contest on the caption. If you're in El Paso, you must also add the hashtag #ElPaso. Alternatively, the contestant can send the video to Natural Light® via a direct message to their social media pages. Other forms of entry and detailed official rules can be found here. Oh, yes, did we mention what the grand prize is? $10,000! Yes, that’s four zeroes behind that 1… Best of luck to everyone who plans on participating. We’re here to help if you have questions! Just send us a message through our Contact Page. View this post on Instagram Listen up #RGV! @naturallightbeer wants to help America pay down its student debt. Enter the #NattyStories contest for a chance to win a $10,000 Grand Prize . You can find instructions and eligibility rules at #McAllen #NaturalLight #ActNatural A post shared by L&ampF Distributors - McAllen (@lnfdistmcallen) on Jan 16, 2019 at 5:43pm PST View this post on Instagram Yes, #ElPaso! One lucky contestant in our community will be guaranteed a $10,000 grand prize from @naturallightbeer so he or she can pay down their student loan balance ?? There are rules, though! So be sure to get familiar. You can find them at A post shared by L&ampF Distributors El Paso (@lnfdistelpaso) on Jan 16, 2019 at 4:50pm PST. READ MORE

L&F Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Beer Biz

This year, L&F Distributors is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the beer business. Without our friends, family and communities, we wouldn't have made it this far. It all started in 1978 when Joe LaMantia Jr was granted an exclusivity contract for an Anheuser-Busch distributorship in McAllen, Texas. On the day of the ground-breaking, L&F Distributors only had 20 employees. Today, we have more than 1,200 employees throughout eight warehouses in Texas and Southern New Mexico, and we service more than 35 counties within these regions. Here's a quick video to thank our communities for all the support. Cheers to you and cheers to the next 40 years! . READ MORE

2019 Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler Advisory Chairman: Tony LaMantia

Congratulations to our very own Tony LaMantia on being selected the new 2019 Panel Chairman for the Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler Advisory Panel! The Panel Chairman is selected from a pool of panel members who have served for two years out of their three-year term. After a series of interviews, the AB Senior Management selects a candidate to fill the position. It is a great honor to have an L&F Distributors candidate represent us as chairman! "I'm looking forward to working with AB to continue the work done over the last year to simplify our business to move the system forward and bring profitability to our wholesaler network." Tony LaMantia . READ MORE

Corpus Christi Shares the Love with Love Street

Karbach Brewing Company is no stranger to sharing and spreading some love and positivity around our L&F communities, especially during the holiday season when we all need to try a little harder to help those outside of our close circles of family and friends. We thought it would be a great idea to partner with food banks around our community in an effort to help them make a dent on hunger. Starting Tuesday, November 20, Karbach will donate $1 to the Coastal Bend Food Bank of Corpus Christi for every case of Love Street Kolsch Style Blonde sold till the end of the year. Make sure you pick up a case at your local retailer or have yourself a well-deserved drink at participating bars and restaurants—all sales matter! Help Karbach help our local food bank tackle hunger this holiday season and brighten up another person’s day. Every $1 that the Coastal Bend Food Bank earns can help feed one person for the day. If you’re interested in being of extra help you can get involved by visiting the Coastal Bend Food Bank website at this link: . READ MORE

Stella Artois Helps End Hunger this Holiday Season

There’s no doubt that Stella Artois shines during the holiday season and they are no strangers to lending a helping hand to those who need us most during this time. Please help us make a positive impact in our communities and help put a dent in hunger this holiday season. Starting on Tuesday, November 20, Stella Artois will donate $1 to the Feeding America™ food banks in our L&F communities for every case of Stella Artois sold till the end of this year. Be it 6-pk, 12-pk, glass or bottle, every case counts, so be sure you pick up a case at your local retailer or have yourself a well-deserved drink at participating bars and restaurants. The three food banks are able to maximize the conversion of $1 as best as they can. The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley can serve 5 meals for every $1. The South Texas Food Bank of Laredo is able to serve 10 meals for every $1. The El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank is able to serve 7 meals for every $1. If you’re interested in being of extra help you can learn how to get involved by visiting their websites, which are provided below. Have a great Thanksgiving and joie de bière! Click on the following links to be directed to the food banks’ home pages. Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley South Texas Food Bank of Laredo El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank . READ MORE

Estrella Jalisco: Proud Beer Sponsor of El Paso Locomotive FC

There are some new kids on the block! The El Paso community is thrilled to welcome the El Paso Locomotive FC—members of the United Soccer League—as the city’s official professional soccer team. Yesterday morning, MountainStar Sports Group introduced the team to a very excited audience at Southwest University Park, where the team will play home games. READ MORE

10 Barrel Brewing Celebrates Last Blockbuster in U.S.

Break out the Red Vines, grab a box of Milk Duds, fire up the Jiffy Pop, and pop your favorite ‘90s flick in the VCR: Blockbuster is not dead — and it’s even got its own beer now. Called the Last Blockbuster, the beer is a collaboration between Bend, Ore.-based craft brewery 10 Barrel Brewing and the once-great home video rental giant. Lest that collaboration sound a little… uh… confusing, however, it actually makes a lot of sense: At this point in time, there is one remaining Blockbuster video rental store in the United States — and it, like 10 Barrel, is located in Bend. You’ll have to act fast if you want to try the beer, though it’s not going to be around for long. READ MORE

Luke Evans Narrates Meditative Guide on How to Sip a Beer

What’s more relaxing than drinking beer and listening to Luke Evans’ voice? The Alienist actor has narrated a 20-minute audio guide for drinking Stella Artois beer (because it’s the optimal time it takes to enjoy a cold one). He partnered with the meditation app Inscape to release the calming experience Stellaspace on Wednesday on iTunes. READ MORE

Anheuser-Busch on its way to becoming king of craft beer too

A decade ago, Anheuser-Busch made no beer that could legitimately be called “craft.” The nation’s largest beer company dabbled at the edges of the burgeoning craft beer movement, but its backbone remained the brands to which craft beer was largely a reaction — Bud and Bud Light, Natural Light and Michelob Ultra, and whatever odd innovations might tempt a new generation of consumers, be it Lime-a-Rita (a hit) or Tequiza (a miss). READ MORE

Goose Island Adds Special Edition Orange Stout This Black Friday

For many, Black Friday means shopping for deals, but beer lovers are more likely to be on the hunt for Goose Island's Bourbon County Brand stout beers, released annually nationwide on the day after Thanksgiving. READ MORE

Win a Beach Getaway this Labor Day with Michelob ULTRA Lime Cactus

Who's ready for some fun in the sun?! You could win the ultimate South Padre Island beach experience this Labor Day weekend with Michelob ULTRA Lime Cactus! Just send a text message with the word "PADRE" to 78896 for a chance to win! Only 21+ qualify for this sweepstakes. READ MORE

Michelob ULTRA Kicks Off Campaign for El Paso Diabetes Association

Michelob ULTRA and L&F Distributors announced that they will be partnering with the El Paso Diabetes Association (EPDA) for a collaborative fundraising campaign. For every case of Michelob ULTRA family 12-packs and 18-packs sold between today and August 15, Michelob ULTRA and L&F Distributors will be donating 50 cents to the EPDA. READ MORE

Michelob ULTRA Provides 95 Bibs for New York City Marathon Runners

Michelob ULTRA, the fastest growing beer brand in the country, announced today that for the second year it will award 95 beer lovers the chance to run the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon as part of Team ULTRA. READ MORE

Lime-A-Rita rallies ‘Bachelorette’ fans with #BringBackJoe campaign

Bud Light Lime has decided to cash in on the #JoeTheGrocer buzz with a campaign for its line of canned margaritas, which come in flavors including Lime-A-Rita, Straw-Ber-Rita and Water-Melon-Rita. Via the hashtag #BringBackJoe, the Ritas brand is encouraging fans of the show to sign a petition that asks ABC to bring Amabile back as the next Bachelor. READ MORE

Controversial, Bizarre, Funny: The Label Art of Clown Shoes

Though the name of the brewery articulates their wicked sense of humor, Clown Shoes Beer has faced a fair degree of backlash. READ MORE

Free Bud Light for All of California if Mexico Breaks World Cup Curse

Bud Light accidentally promised all of Philadelphia beer if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. It seemed unlikely when the season started, then it happened. The brand is going to try its hand at gambling with beer one more time. The World Cup is just days away, and Bud Light is making a similar promise. READ MORE

Michelob ULTRA Hosts Fit Fest in Scottsdale

Michelob Ultra is hosting a fitness festival called the Ultra Fit Fest in Scottsdale which plans to feature unique workouts and panel discussions. READ MORE

Budweiser Unveils Freedom Reserve Red Lager

Anheuser-Busch InBev is again rolling out a new Budweiser product, this time a red lager based on a recipe kept by President George Washington. READ MORE

Anheuser-Busch CEO: We're Going Green

Despite woes of potential beer price hikes due to President Trump’s aluminum tariffs, iconic beer maker Anheuser-Busch announced on Tuesday that it’s still investing heavily in the U.S. with plans to turn its entire beverage line “green.”. READ MORE

Michelob ULTRA Unveils Pure Gold Made With Organic Grains

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Michelob ULTRA unveiled the newest innovation to join the ULTRA family – Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is made with organic grains and offers a pure, refreshing taste with only 85 calories and 2.5 carbs. READ MORE

TABC Taps Local Distributors

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission wants alcohol delivery people to be on the lookout for signs of human trafficking in TABC-licensed bars, restaurants and liquor stores. READ MORE

Budweiser Clydesdales Visit Laredo, Participate in WBCA Festivities

It’s that time of year again, the time when you can catch the Budweiser Clydesdales. READ MORE

Bud Light to honor Super Bowl promise, give free beer to Philadelphia

On Sunday night, Bud Light confirmed via Twitter that — yes — they will be honoring their promise to give free beer to the fans in Philly now that the Eagles have “emerged victorious” over the New England Patriots. READ MORE

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Highlights Water Donations to Disaster Zones

Anheuser-Busch is focusing on canned water instead of Clydesdales during this year’s Super Bowl, with ads that highlight Budweiser’s humanitarian causes. READ MORE

Chris Pratt Stars in Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl Commercial

Plan your bathroom breaks and chicken wing resupply missions carefully Sunday or you might miss Star Lord's first Super Bowl ad — his first commercial, period, actually. READ MORE

Free Bud Light for Philadelphia if Eagles Win Super Bowl

Philadelphia sports fans may have yet another reason to hope their beloved Eagles win the Super Bowl: free beer. READ MORE

Matt Damon Partners With, Stella Artois

For years, Matt Damon has bounced across the silver screen in favorites like The Martian, Jason Bourne, and Interstellar. But on February 4, the 47-year-old actor is downsizing to the boob tube for a Super Bowl campaign in partnership with Stella Artois — and it’s all for a very good cause. . READ MORE

Here’s Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl Lineup

Anheuser-Busch has selected Michelob Ultra to join Budweiser, Bud Light and Stella Artois as the brands airing spots during the Big Game, according to a representative for the company who declined to provide further details. It’s unclear when the ads will air, how long they will be or the agencies behind them. Super Bowl ad slots for the game, which will air on NBC, are running north of $5 million. READ MORE

Bud Light Doubles Down on 'Dilly Dilly' for Super Bowl Sunday

Truly viral brand buzz phrases aren’t easy to come by, and Bud Light is enthusiastically exploiting its own two-word phenomenon while it’s still hot. The latest Bud Light TV spot again extends its “Game of Thrones”-spoofing creative — and again features the “Dilly Dilly” phrase that’s taken off on social — this time to promote its “Super Bowl Tickets for Life” Sweepstakes. READ MORE

Anheuser-Busch Drives the Future of Beer Delivery

Anheuser-Busch today announced it has placed an order for 40 Tesla semi-trucks as part of a company-wide strategy to employ cutting-edge technology to reduce the environmental impact and increase the efficiency of its operations. The 40 semi-trucks, which represent one of Tesla’s largest reported pre-orders, will be fully electric-powered and equipped with autonomous driving capabilities, as part of the company’s commitment to improving road safety and reducing carbon emissions. Integrating the Tesla semi-trucks into the brewer’s distribution network will help Anheuser-Busch achieve its commitment to reduce its operational carbon footprint by 30 percent by 2025 – the equivalent of removing nearly 500,000 cars from the road globally each year. READ MORE

McAllen Holiday Parade Announces Celebrity Headliners

Guillermo Rodriguez from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” local actress Manelly Zepeda and the Budweiser Clydesdales will participate in McAllen’s annual holiday parade on December 2, 2017. READ MORE

Budweiser Takes Next Step to Be the First Beer on Mars

Budweiser is upholding its commitment to be the first beer on Mars by confirming upcoming experiments on the International Space Station with plans to send and study barley – one of its key ingredients – into space in early December. The reason? Earlier this year at the South by Southwest conference, Budweiser announced its goal to be the first beer on Mars – offering a colonized red planet the same enjoyments provided here on earth, including fresh beer! And while socializing on Mars might be in the near-distant future, Budweiser is taking steps now to better understand how its ingredients react in microgravity environments so that when we get to Mars, Budweiser will be there. READ MORE

Stella Artois, Olivia Culpo Team Up This Holiday Season

NEW YORK, NY – November 7, 2017 – With the holidays around the corner, Stella Artois is collaborating with Olivia Culpo to share inspiration for how to shine as a host this season. Known for hosting standout affairs, Stella Artois tapped the fashion icon and foodie to share personal tips for making any holiday gathering – big or small – one to remember. By teaming up with Olivia to share her inspiration for a stellar holiday gathering, Stella Artois hopes to inspire Americans to elevate their holiday festivities from ordinary to extraordinary this year. READ MORE

Budweiser Releases Limited Edition Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

Budweiser is giving beer lovers the chance to experience and taste history with the release of its limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager. The recipe behind Repeal Reserve dates back to the pre-Prohibition era when Adolphus Busch created and brewed a special Amber Lager for his friends and local community to enjoy. Due to the onset of Prohibition in 1920, the beer didn’t have a chance to be distributed widely outside the St. Louis area… until now. Beginning today, Budweiser is releasing this historically inspired recipe nationwide to celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition. READ MORE

Stella Artois Returns to Super Bowl After Seven Years

Stella Artois is coming back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2011 as part of Anheuser-Busch InBev's ad buy, the brewer confirmed today. The premium Belgian brew will use the ad to plug its ongoing "Buy a Lady a Drink" campaign, which is a partnership with that provides clean water to developing countries. READ MORE

Anheuser-Busch Delivers Water to Texans Affected by Hurricane Harvey

ST LOUIS, MO. (August 30, 2017) – Anheuser-Busch will deliver five additional truckloads - over 255,000 cans - of emergency drinking water to Corpus Christie, Houston, and Austin to aid Hurricane Harvey response efforts. READ MORE

American Craft Beer Week Kicks Off May 15

For the 12th year in a row, the Brewers Association invites you to celebrate American Craft Beer Week®, the nationwide celebration of U.S. small and independent craft brewers. READ MORE

El Pasoan Celebrates Launch of Legal Draft Beer Company

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo is thrilled to host the launch party for Legal Draft Beer Company, co-founded by El Paso native and Burges High School graduate, Greg McCarthy. READ MORE

Fireman's Brew Now Available in Our Markets

January 19, 2016 – Fireman’s Brew, a Los Angeles-based craft beer company founded by two California firefighters, announced partnership with premier Texas distributors, Favorite Brands and L&F Distributors. READ MORE

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