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Coffee Cartel: The Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

Coffee Cartel: The Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

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The Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

If you’re looking for coffee with a twist, check out the Coffee Cartel in St. Louis.

Like a traditional coffee shop, this place has your traditionally brewed coffee and some great pastries, but that’s where the similarities end. This place is huge, with 240 seats in the main room and outdoor patio, all with free wifi and some with access to pay computers.

The shop also features some unconventional coffees including a Thai iced coffee, a sweet drink with sugar and condensed milk and a white chocolate café mocha.

What really got us, though, was their assortment of liquer coffee drinks including the “Fragile Baby” with Bailey's and Frangelico Swiss Mocha and the “Crazy Cappuccino” with Kahlua, Frangelico, and Bailey's. There’s also a list of frappes with liquer which sounds like the perfect summer afternoon.

Thankfully, you can get these drinks at any time…literally. The store never closes including on holidays. As if this wasn’t enough reason to love them, the shop also contributes to more than 300 charities.

Chosun Coffee Co

We thrive on giving our customers the best in coffee and food. Our coffee blends are the result of our expertise in coffee. You can expect to sip only the highest quality, freshly roasted beans. Every recipe is unique, but our baristas and cooks are nothing if not focused on consistency. We always source the ingredients from reliable suppliers, and all our food materials come from top quality manufacturers. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the food and drink at our coffee shop.

Best Coffee Shop in St. Louis

Chosun Coffee Co is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a light snack or a hot drink as you watch things go by. From great quality coffee, a wide range of teas and a selection of delicious pastries, cakes and bakes, it’s easy to while away an hour or two – the perfect pit stop to refuel and refresh. Nothing is ever too much trouble for our friendly and welcoming coffee shop staff, so if you have questions, contact us through our booking form.

Our Coffees

Whether you want a basic Americano style coffee, frothy cappuccino or delicious latte, you're in the right place. We pride ourselves on using the best coffee beans on the market to make all our beverages, and you can choose from a list that includes several exotic blends. Beyond coffee, we have other delicacies, like snacks, teas, soft drinks, smoothies or frappes, as well as an exciting dessert list.

The 7 Best Places for a White Chocolate Mocha in St Louis

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/> Scott Mcglothlin: MMMM MMMM White Chocolate Mocha

/> Sherry Diesel: Wonderful pastry and coffees, plural, hot and cold, with assorted flavors, teas also, other things to take home is welcomed. A friendly clean, good choice in this coffee shop.

/> Julia Loehr: Love the Pumpkin Spice Latte

/> Luke Steingruby: Quad Venti White Chocolate Mocha please.

/> Meaghan Biederman: If you want a great sweet drink get an iced coffee with skim milk, caramel syrup. DELICIOUS

/> Meg: The guy in the drive thru with the dreads is an absolute delight.

/> Allan Crain: Hummus & Pita plate is delightfully spicy. Recommended!

/> Justin Chick: Super awesome tunes goin on here.

/> Jason Stoff: Always great coffee, plus they've got beer. And atmosphere. And posters. I could go on.

/> Kate Powers: Veggie burgers and veggie meatball are so very good. I love peach recovery. Spring rolls are delicious.

/> Katie Hennessey: Happy Bowl.

/> Benjamin Reynolds: #12 Is Awesome!

/> Sonja Shin: The gelatos are all made in-house and are fabulous. The food here is also very, very good.

/> Lauren Busiere: Pumpkin pie gelato- seasonal goodness before it gets too cold

/> B. Kyle Bass: The London Fog gelato is delicious!

/> Legend Killer: The white mocha coffee rivals Starbucks!!

/> Desiree Troy: The red pepper hummus, pesto, curry mayo, and chicken salad are all made in house! Also, the pesto is made without pine nuts, if you have an allergy to them. Yay!

/> Josh Kocurek: If you don't get the honey vanilla latte, you be crazy! Also, it's okay to sing along to Florence and the Machine with the baristas.

/> Bob Shallenberger: The capers cream cheese with the salmon is a great way to start the day. especially with some #hazelnut coffee.

/> Ashley Stock: Iced cappuccino is totally rad :-)

/> ☕️ oleary: Bagel-y. Great atmosphere w/ a patient staff as I asked a million questions. Spinach bagel w/ onion & chive cream cheese is divine. Large portion too! Hit it up if you're in the Central West End.

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Upshot Coffee opens second location in St. Charles

Located in a former brake shop at 816 N. Kingshighway, the new location has a neighborhood-friendly vibe.

Upshot Coffee quietly opened its second location, at 816 N. Kingshighway in St. Charles. Just like the cafe’s original Cottleville branch, the new location promises espresso drinks and food from sister brand Beets & Bones.

“We've been wanting to branch out for a while," says Upshot Coffee owner Conor VanBuskirk. "We plan on continuing to branch out—increase our size, volume, and make it easier for more people to experience our cafés.”

The location's former life as a brake shop inspired a nickname for the new location: Upshot Coffee Brake Shop. The space has been transformed into a modern café, with the counter in the center of the venue.

“There were a couple things we were looking for,” VanBuskirk says. “One was we wanted to be in more of a city setting, so we would have the density of housing and offices. We wanted to be near a university, and we wanted to be near high schools and manufacturing. This fit the bill all around.” The new location is near St. Charles High School and Lindenwood University, with Main Street and the Katy Trail within easy reach.

“One thing that some other cafés do really well is have a different feel in each one, but you also know without a doubt where you are,” he says. “If I'm in Chicago, I know when I'm in an Intelligentsia, even though each café feels different.”

Whereas the Cottleville location is inside a converted house—“more residential, more cutesy, suburban”—the new location has a completely different feel. “There are more wide open spaces, basically glass, concrete, and metal,” VanBuskirk says. “The bar is in the middle of the café, where customers can walk all around it. It's more experiential instead of us being separated behind the counter, the counter is out in the middle. It just opens everything up.”

Upshot hired architect S.J. Hollander to renovate the space. “He is very in tune with everything we needed to do for the city down here,” VanBuskirk says. “It was plug-and-play thanks to him.”

The food and drink at the St. Charles location nearly mirrors the offerings at Cottleville, with the standard espresso drinks, pour-over coffees, specialties such as the espresso tonic, and “alt coffees” such as the matcha latte, chai latte, and charcoal latte. Most coffees are in the $3–$5 range, with a selection of herbal and fruit teas on offer for $3.50–$4.

Executive chef Nick Zotos’ menu of toasts, sandwiches, brunch dishes, and other specialties is supplemented by a range of pastries. “There are a couple of things we're not offering here yet, until we get the kitchen up and running at full steam,” VanBuskirk says. Eventually, though, the plan is for the menus at both locations to be essentially identical.

Upshot is accepting dine-in customers but asks that all customers wear a mask to enter the store, similar to the café’s employees. Although times are far from normal, VanBuskirk says Upshot has weathered the COVID-19 storm reasonably well so far. In fact, sales increased during lockdown, he says. That was in part thanks to the Upshot ordering app, launched just weeks before the pandemic. Customers can use the app to place dine-in or to-go orders at either café or for delivery via DoorDash and ChowNow. Before the pandemic, the Cottleville location was receiving a couple of orders each week through the app as business went curbside in March, however, orders through the app exploded, hitting more than 200 a day.

VanBuskirk says orders for food items also increased during that period, a bump that he attributes partly to Zotos’ arrival. “He's rolled out new stuff that's amazing,” VanBuskirk says. But the Upshot owner is also convinced that the user experience of ordering through an app makes diners engage with the menu in a more thoughtful way, which can lead them to try new items.

That decision to upgrade Upshot’s digital capabilities was critical to the café’s survival. “It kept us in business,” VanBuskirk says. “People were extremely grateful and used it an unbelievable amount when we were completely shut down. Since we've reopened, we've seen it drop off and more people coming in, but we're still getting a decent amount of orders on the app and expect that to continue, both in Cottleville and St. Charles."

10 Black-owned St. Louis bakeries and pastry shops where you can order sweets this fall

Consider substituting that pumpkin spice latte for a local, seasonal treat.

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

A platter of mini cheesecakes, cheesecake sandwiches, and fresh fruit can be ordered from Patty's Cheesecakes.

There’s a very good chance that Coco’s has the treat you're craving. Try a white chocolate–dipped cranberry cookie, a decadent carrot cake, or a snickerdoodle. The most popular item is the Morning Glory, a vegan, savory-spiced muffin with carrots, walnuts, oatmeal, and spelt flour (an ancient whole grain). Halloween sugar cookies are also available. An 8-inch cake is $35.99, cupcakes are $21 per half-dozen, and cookies are $7.50 for an order of eight. 314-922-2505.

Courtesy C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar

C. Oliver Coffee and Flower Bar Combine your love of flowers, fall, and coffee with your choice of two seasonal lattes: maple cinnamon or caramel apple cider. And while you're at the corner shop in Maplewood, admire the wall of beautiful flowers. Prices range from $4.75 to $5.50. 4701 Hazel, Maplewood, 314-239-3156

Sweater weather means getting to indulge in cupcake eutopia. Enjoy a variety of seasonal flavors including pumpkin spice, butterscotch, peach cobbler, and sweet potato for $3.25 each. 2286 McKelvey, Maryland Heights, 314-628-1036.

You can’t go wrong with a box of fresh doughnuts on a Sunday morning. Choose from cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, a crumb donut, or a classic sprinkle donut decorated in orange and black for Halloween. Prices range from 87 cents to $1.50. 4701 S. Kingshighway, 314-832-1200.

Courtesy La Patisserie Chouquette

Harry Potter fanatics can geek out during the “Month of Magic” with a specialty box that includes a pumpkin pasty, chocolate frogs, fizzing whizbees, a chocolate snitch, potion candy bar, acceptance letter cookie, and macarons. Pre-order on Sunday for $50. Desserts are sold separately. Every Saturday of November, you can also enjoy the beloved Turducken Croissant, stuffed with turkey duck and chicken, cornbread stuffing, and cranberry dressing topped with gravy (limit two per person). Curbside only. 1626 Tower Grove, 314-932-7935.

Courtesy La Patisserie Chouquette

Courtesy La Patisserie Chouquette

Courtesy La Patisserie Chouquette

Courtesy La Patisserie Chouquette

Courtesy Natalie's Cakes and More

This season, try the signature caramel cake, which is also offered year-round—a yellow cake smothered with an irresistible caramel glaze. A 8-inch cake is $30, and a 10-inch cake is $40. 448 Howdershell, Florissant, 314-398-3951.

Sip an English toffee latte, salted caramel latte, or butterscotch latte while soaking up the crisp fall weather on the spacious outdoor seating. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try one or two of the delicious pumpkin scones. A medium latte is $6 scones are $4. 4251 Laclede, 314-371-4600.

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Choose from a variety of cheesecake flavors, such as apple pie, caramel apple, cinnamon crumb, cinnamon roll, pumpkin, s'mores, or a sweet potato cheesecake pie. If you’re not feeling like something heavy, partake in a petite brown butter toffee chocolate chip cheesecake sandwich, which is also included on their cheesecake board (pictured above). Pre-order a week in advance a 7-inch cheesecake is $29.50, a 9-inch cheesecake is $55.50, a dozen petites are $31.50, pies are $21.50, and half-sandwiches are $28.50 per half dozen. 67 Forum Shopping Center, Chesterfield, 314-541-6411.

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Courtesy Patty's Cheesecakes

Upon entering the café, it’s hard not to treat yourself to dessert first—and then a savory meal. Try from a seasonal selection of carrot, banana pudding, or gluten-free pumpkin chai. All cupcakes are vegan and $3.50 each. 2203 S. 39 th , 314-771-4278.

Everything your sweet tooth could possibly desire is placed into the assortment Boxx, a package of pure indulgence including a mini chocolate rum cake topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkled pecans. Choose from a variety of fall colors and glitter for the ultimate presentation. Pre-order a week in advance for $55. 314-643-9999.

The Best Spots for Gooey Butter Cake in St. Louis

Fans of gooey butter cake know that the delicious concoction originated right here in St. Louis. South St. Louis, to be exact, when the area was flush with German immigrants. It was first made in the 1930s as a mistake by a new baker at a German bakery who mixed up batter proportions for coffee cake, and it became an instant hit.

Locally, that is. The Gateway City's favorite dessert never quite caught on outside of St. Louis, and that’s fine by us. It’s just another one of our quirky square-shaped local delicacies, and we're happy to recognize its greatness even if the rest of the world doesn't get it.

The traditional recipe simply calls for cake flour, butter, sugar, eggs and a dusting of powdered sugar, though some bakeries have taken some fun liberties with it. Pick some up and introduce a newcomer to this St. Louis specialty, or just remind yourself why we fell in love with it in the first place.

Park Avenue Coffee
Multiple locations including 1919 Park Avenue, Lafayette Square
Park Avenue Coffee specializes in authentic gooey butter cake, made from scratch “with love.” The first flavor offered is still available today – “Mom's Traditional.” All four locations of the locally owned coffee shop now offer twelve flavors daily, including triple chocolate and white chocolate raspberry. Special orders can be placed online for one of 73 (!) flavors.

Little O's Old Time Soda Fountain
125 North Main Street, St Charles
The Ozenkoski family is said to have been taught its technique by one of the original gooey butter cake bakers. The recipe has since been passed down over the years with only minor tweaks. The old-timey shop offers an original gooey butter cake, as well as flavors such as peanut butter chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake, brownie and even a gooey butter milkshake.

McArthur’s Bakery
Multiple locations, including 3055 Lemay Ferry Road, Mehlville
McArthur’s Bakery gooey butter cake was recently named by CNN as one of the richest desserts in the United States. The recipe was developed by Donald McArthur in 1956 at the original McArthur’s Bakery location on Arco Avenue. The bakery also makes gooey butter wedding cakes.

Missouri Baking Company
2027 Edwards Street, The Hill
Missouri Baking Company operates on the assumption that butter and sugar are the best combination — making gooey butter cake a "must" on the menu. The recipe is a bit different from the traditional, however. Theirs is an actual cake made with almond paste and a sweet dough, which is more solid and less gooey. The flavors change with the season — right now, cherry, chocolate chip and eggnog are featured. Valentine’s Day brings red velvet, summer offers triple berry with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, and fall’s featured flavor is brown sugar pecan.

Turn the page for more gooey butter cake destinations.

Hartford Coffee Company
3974 Hartford Street, Tower Grove South
Gooey butter cake is a relatively new offering at Hartford Coffee Company. After adding the dessert their grandmothers often made, the owners saw it quickly become a surprise favorite at the shop and added it to the daily menu. Regularly offered flavors include original, blueberry and chocolate chip new flavors appear seasonally and by request.

The Mud House
2101 Cherokee Street, Cherokee District
The gooey butter cake recipe used at the Mud House has mysterious origins: It came from a former employee's mother from Nebraska. It stands out from the pack in that it uses a short dough that rests overnight, which is then pressed into a pan and topped with cream cheese, powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla and lemon juice, which balances the sweetness of the filling. It's baked for a long time to caramelize the sugars in the crust and on the top, but the gooey remains gooey. Every once in a while, blueberry lime or strawberry lemon flavors are featured.

8958 Watson Road, Crestwood
The new fast-casual breakfast-and-lunch spot in Crestwood, Yolklore, offers a variation of gooey butter cake with three balanced layers of cake, “goo” and crispiness. The bottom layer is more of a crust than a cake and the “goo” develops a crispy layer on top after its baked. “It’s not for the faint of heart,” says chef-owner Mary Bogacki.

7036 Clayton Avenue, Hi-Pointe
The beautifully plated gooey butter cake at Boundary, which chef Rex Hale reworked from his mother's recipe, is offered on special at the restaurant in the Cheshire Hotel. Flavors have included original, chocolate, pumpkin and lemon.

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12 St. Louis butcher shops offering that perfect cut of meat for barbecue season

There have never been so many places to find friendly service and quality cuts of meat.

Photography by golubovy / iStock / Getty Images Plus / via Getty Images

Decades before large grocery stores dotted the city, St. Louis was home to the independent neighborhood butcher shop. Today, many of those old-school shops have expanded to offer groceries, catering, and delis. A crop of new-school butcher shops have opened, with nods to the classics and a focus on locally sourced pasture-raised meats. Restaurants now sell the same quality cuts and sides that they serve in their dining rooms, and even meat wholesalers have begun selling hard-to-find cuts to the public. There have never been so many places to find friendly service and quality cuts of meat.

The Brentwood shop serves arguably the best tasso and fresh corned beef around. The signature spice rubs and blends are the only adornment needed for delicious chops and steaks.

This is the place for sourcing competition-grade heritage Duroc pork for your home grill or smoker, as well as housemade bacon and Buttonwood chicken and eggs. Pick up some smoked brisket, pork steaks, spare ribs, or smoked turkey to munch on while cooking.

All of the pork, beef, chicken, and lamb that Bolyard’s sells is grazed on sweet Midwest pasture. Want a 2-inch-thick pork porterhouse chop? Just ask. A smoker next to the shop provides excellent smoked pork shoulders, hams, and birds to take home or enjoy on one of the weekly sandwich specials.

The glass case at the entrance of the restaurant displays the selection of steaks, chops, bacon, and house-made sausages, as well as braunschweiger and a signature condiment, bacon jam. Customers can even request a whole or half hog. The same meats are available for pickup at sister restaurant 58hundred.

Offering far more than steak seasoning and steaks cut to the same specifications served in the restaurant, the market offers classic signature sides, dressings, sauces, and desserts, as well as non-menu items—more than enough to re-create the classic Kane’s experience.

Known for having “the best wursts in St. Louis,” this 55-year-old South City mainstay turns out 20 varieties of brats, knocks, and bocks, plus hot links, andouille, chorizo, Polish and summer sausage, and its signature flank steak jerky, a must-buy indulgence. (At press time, G&W was still offering its namesake freebie: a can of Busch beer.)

The great-grandfather of St. Louis butcher shops, Kenrick’s, in South County, is the place for not only great steaks, sausages, sides, deli meat, and fried chicken but also pizza and ready-to-heat prepared foods. It’s also a great place to enjoy some freshly fried chicken and one of the specialty pizzas. And if you want to serve a whole roast hog at your next event, Kenrick’s has you covered.

For the first time in its almost 70-year history, Kern Meat Company is selling directly to the public. Hard-to-source cuts such as heritage pork ribs are sold online for curbside pickup at the Cherokee Street location.

A large selection of halal meats and one of the best selections of offal in town are on offer. Paper-thin brisket for Korean barbecue and soups is always available.

The historic Ferguson shop is a full-service butcher shop and mini–grocery store selling fresh produce, deli meat and sides, smokehouse barbecue, craft beer, local coffee, and more.

Seeing need for a halal butcher shop and market in their Overland neighborhood, the owners of this full-service butcher shop and grocer opened a tiny six-seat restaurant called Babba’s in the same space. The warm and gracious owner has a habit for slipping you a halal krispie treat when you check out.

Located next to Truffles restaurant, this boutique butcher shop is a great one-stop shop for charcuterie, wine, premade sides and seafood, and steaks and chops. If you’re unsure of how to prepare a cut of meat or fresh fillet of fish, it’s likely the butcher you’re speaking with is also an accomplished chef and is willing to share tips for preparation.

Park Avenue Coffee, St. Louis

Park Avenue Coffee offers seventy-three varieties of gooey butter cake, which it touts as “The World’s Largest Selection.” These cakes include everything from cookie dough to Funky Monkey to piña colada. There’s also red velvet, candied almond, white chocolate raspberry, and the list goes on.

The company started in Lafayette Square, where siblings Dale Schotte and Marilyn Scull began baking their mother’s gooey butter cake recipe. Today, Park Avenue Coffee and its sister company, the Ann & Allen Baking Company (the founding siblings’ middle names), serve the cake from four locations in St. Louis and ship it to all fifty states and around the world.

In 2009, the company launched its Gooey Butter Cake Mixes. Food Network’s Food Feuds featured Park Avenue Coffee in 2010 and awarded it the Best Gooey Butter Cake distinction.

Tyler Cooksey, chief operating office, says the company sells about one hundred gooey butter cakes every day from its café locations, not including its online sales.

The owners of the bakery have their own legend about the confection’s creation. The wife of the man they consider the inventor visited Park Avenue Coffee in 2008 for her ninety-first birthday. According to Tyler, she said Park Avenue Coffee’s version of gooey butter cake is the best, next to hers.

Tyler says the legend Park Avenue Coffee has accepted as canon is that St. Louis Baker Johnny Hoffman was making a deep butter cake in the early 1940s when he added too much glycerin to the recipe and not enough leavening. He called his friend and fellow baker, Herman Danzer, and the two men worked all day to re-create his mistake.

“Herman’s wife, Melba Danzer, came into their shop,” Tyler continues. “When she tried it, she said, ‘It’s good, but it sure is gooey.’ This led to its name.” • Four locations: Cortex, Downtown, Lafayette Square, The Hill • 877-621-4020

Missouri Baking Company on The Hill offer ten different varieties of gooey butter cake.

Coffeestamp Microroasters & Coffee Bar Opens in Fox Park

Last week, two brothers from Honduras opened a new coffee shop in St. Louis' Fox Park neighborhood. They call it Coffeestamp Microroasters & Coffee Bar.

Patrick and Spencer Clapp began their commercial endeavors in 2018, roasting beans above a window-tinting shop on South Jefferson Avenue, just down the block from the Way Out Club and Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop. They didn't have a storefront for their second-floor space, but they had in a booth at Soulard Farmers Market where they sold personalized roasted beans that they sourced internationally. When the bottom floor of their roasting building became available, the brothers jumped at the opportunity to expand their business. After a few loans and some pretty impressive handy work, Coffeestamp (2511 South Jefferson Ave., 314-797-8113) is open for business.

The brothers were raised around food and coffee production. Growing up in Honduras, their mother owned a restaurant and made sure the boys knew how to cook their own meals.

"We've always been related to the food industry," Patrick says. "Even myself, I've worked at different restaurants."

The boys grew up around the Giron family who specialized in coffee production in Honduras. Patrick refers to them as family but they aren't blood related. This sparked their interest in roasting beans from families who work hard to produce the best coffee in Honduras and all around the world.

The new shop offers a wide array of coffee beverages and small bites like empanadas and sweet treats.

Opening in the middle of the pandemic has been hard, as expected. The brothers signed their final loan for the space the day St. Louis announced the stay-at-home order. Apparently, it hasn't slowed them much. They've only been open for five days but have received much love and support from the community.

Patrick doesn't seem worried about the future of their shop. It's a unique old building filled with love. They're dedicated to service and some damn good coffee. That never goes out of style.

Check out their website here. They still sell bags of beans and plan to keep their booth at Soulard Farmers Market open.

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The Drinks

As a partner with Kaldi's Coffee, a local Saint Louis favorite, Lola Jean's serves a variety of coffee drinks as well as specialty blends and unique house made syrups that give you a distinct experience you won't find anywhere else! When I visited Lola Jean's, my friends and I tried their fall syrup, which is a combination of maple, clove, ginger, and orange that pairs perfectly with the flavor of espresso. I'm excited to try their other syrups, like the orange, rosemary, and black pepper syrup.

The 9 Best Donut Shops in St. Louis

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Donuts have been a real great way to up your #foodporn quality on social media. Whether you’re going to STL to check out all the great food stops or for another reason, a donut run is a must. There are a ton of shops and dives in the city, but here is a list of some of the best and a breakdown of why you need to try these holey snacks.

World’s Fair Donuts

Located in Tower Grove, STL, this tiny shop has only about 5 parking spots that are always full on Sunday morning. Here, they’re known for their perfectly fried blueberry cake donut. The couple who owns World’s Fair Donuts has been serving STL with amazing donuts for over 30 years at this perfect little dive (check out the history of the donut history of the donut here).

#SpoonTip: Don’t forget your cash, because they don’t take cards.

Donut Drive In

Photo courtesy of

This shop is right down the street from the famous Ted Drewes. Get here early for the best selection of donuts, and don’t forget to take home one (or a dozen) of the perfect glazed donuts. And, check out the artisanal donuts they sometimes have in shop.

John’s Donuts

Photo courtesy of

This one-stop shop is perfect for an all-nighter in the library or a pre-hangover remedy because they’re open from ’round the clock 11 pm till 1 pm. If you’re craving a perfectly dense donut for a late night snack, this drive-in is calling your name.

Pharaoh’s Donuts

Photo by Elena Hollingsworth

This is a hidden gem located in downtown STL because you could walk right past it and not even notice it was there (except for the deep fried aroma making you think to yourself that you NEED a donut). The donuts are priced cheaper than just about anywhere, and they taste just as good.

Strange Donuts

Strange’s shop is growing better and better as it moves to locations outside of St. Louis, offering customers a very wide variety of donut flavors ranging from a basic glaze to s’mores to collaborations with neighboring restaurants like Seoul Taco Korean BBQ. As they would say, “Be nice, stay strange,” and eat a donut.

Ex-Cop Donut Shop

Photo by Jeannette Memmer

The owner at this joint is indeed an ex-cop, but he also is the head donut maker. They have some killer bacon donuts that they’re known for, but those are only available Thursday through Saturday. Not only does this place have donuts, but they also have a great variety of pastries and coffee to offer to their loyal customers.

Donut House

Photo by Myrinda Grantham

The great part about this donut joint is you can get a donut for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. They are open 24 hours a day, which is hard to find with donuts. You can get yourself a great dinner, then head over for dessert or to prepare for a late night snack thanks to their prime spot on Morganford.

Vincent Van Doughnut

Photo courtesy of @VincentVanDoughnut on Instagram

This newer STL donut shop located in the heart of Clayton, includes all from scratch donuts that are cut in square shapes. Once a food truck, the donut shop is now a storefront that still brings donuts to local markets in its truck offering a wide variety of flavors such as maple bacon, gluten free options, and chocolate chip cookie. Check out why it’s so great here.

Watch the video: Top 10 worst neighborhoods in St. Louis, MO. (June 2022).