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Healthiest McDonald's Dollar Menu Items

Healthiest McDonald's Dollar Menu Items

They may cost a buck, but some are healthier than others

McDonald's McChicken contains 360 calories.

One of McDonald’s hottest offerings is the Dollar Menu (yes, it still exists), which gives you enough food to fill you up, at least for a little while, for only a buck. If you decide to order a few items you can get yourself a full meal out of it as well. While some items on the Dollar Menu are unhealthy, there are some that can certainly qualify as not-unhealthy, if not exactly healthy. Here are the six healthiest non-dessert, non-beverage items on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, from a calorie standpoint.

#6 Buffalo Ranch McChicken
Calories: 360
Fat: 16 grams
Sodium: 990 milligrams

#5 McChicken
Calories: 360
Fat: 16 grams
Sodium: 800 milligrams

#4 Sausage Burrito
Calories: 300
Fat: 16 grams
Sodium: 790 milligrams

#3 Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger
Calories: 300
Fat: 13 grams
Sodium: 640 milligrams

#2 Hash Browns
Calories: 150
Fat: 9 grams
Sodium: 310 milligrams

#1 Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait
Calories: 150
Fat: 2 grams
Sodium: 70 milligrams

What 11 Nutrition Experts Would Order at McDonald's


What do Ronald McDonald and dietitians have in common? They're "lovin' it"—the Golden Arches menu, that is. Before you call our bluff, hear us out: Not only is this true, but we got the proof by asking 11 nutrition experts for their healthy McDonald's orders.

Bear in mind that most of our experts said that dining at the fast food joint was only an occasional treat, but either way, these picks are sure to come in handy next time you can't kick a fast food craving or find yourself with nowhere else to eat. Although these orders don't exactly qualify as the best weight loss foods in the world, none of the meals below will drown your hard-earned results in a pile of fry grease.


For a mid-day pick-me-up, the McDonald’s Dollar Menu offers chicken sandwiches and salads. The menu might specify a “fried chicken sandwich,” but you can ask the server to customize your order with a piece of grilled chicken. Pair this with a side salad. If “fried” is your only option, take the chicken off the bun and eat it on the salad. Choose an oil-based dressing rather than a creamy dressing to reduce saturated fat.

Another good lunch option is the fruit and yogurt parfait. Though it is higher in sugar than I would like, it still has some protein, fruit and complex carbohydrates from the granola. This would be a good meal on the go.

Burger King has also raised its prices of late, so there’s no official “dollar menu” available. However, you might be able to find a few items for a buck on the Value Menu, depending on where you live. Burger King has also run a “5 for $4 Deal” in the past featuring a bacon cheeseburger, fries, chicken nuggets, small drink and chocolate chip cookie.

The BK Stacker might be your best bet if you’re craving a juicy burger with cheese. If you’re in the mood for chicken, order a Chicken Jr. or 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets for a dollar. And a small ice cream cone will cost you just 89 cents. Still, your best bet might be a good old-fashioned $1 hamburger.

Although there’s not an official dollar menu, these nine items for $1 or less will fill you up on National Greasy Foods Day.

Here’s Everything You Can Score On McDonald’s $1 $2 $3 Value Menu

The Golden Arches is making it so much easier to fill up on your favorite McDonald's bites and sips without breaking the bank. The chain is constantly offering different deals. One of the mainstays is its $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu, but it's gone through some changes since it was officially announced in 2017. So, what is on McDonald's Dollar Menu for 2020? Here's what you can expect to score for less than a fiver.

While McDonald's $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu has been around for a few years now, fans of the Golden Arches know the chain is constantly tweaking it and rotating new items in and out of the lineup. Plus, everything isn't a $1, which means you have a few more options to choose from. Considering some of the past offerings have included a $1 McChicken, a $2 Bacon McDouble, a $3 Triple Cheeseburger, and a $3 Happy Meal, it's definitely worth checking out to see if you can score your favorites for a fraction of the regular cost.

In 2019, the company started having individual franchises change up their $1 $2 $3 Menu items at a local level, meaning the discounted meals now vary by location. However, according to the McDonald's app, thirsty customers can still score any size of a soft drink for just $1, including: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, or Dr. Pepper.

For just a $1 more, customers can take advantage of $2 McCafé deals. The price is good on small McCafé offerings ranging from a Mocha Frappé to a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. There are also a number of food items in the $2 range, including the Hot and Spicy McChicken, the 6-piece McNuggets, the regular Cheeseburger, and the Grilled Chicken Filet.

If you don't see you go-to order on the $1, $2, or $3 menu, you can always check out the retailer's app, which is currently offering $1 large fries for first-time app users, free medium fries on Fridays with a $1 minimum purchase through mobile order and pay, as well as a 99-cent premium roast coffee or iced coffee deal.

Since the deals can vary by location, make sure you check your McDonald's app or your go-to location to see all the cheap eats they have to offer.

11 healthiest items on the McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s has a reputation for offering salty fries, greasy burgers, and high-calorie milkshakes. It&rsquos food on the go and not considered the healthiest of options around. However, just because you&rsquore looking for something low in calories or healthy for your diet doesn&rsquot mean you have to skip the joint. There are low-calorie options on the list.

Here&rsquos a look at the McDonalds menu with the 11 healthiest items to choose from. The good news is you don&rsquot have to just have the salad! Initially, the food may not look healthy, but it&rsquos all in the nutrients as well as the calories. You&rsquoll be surprised at what you can eat.

#1. The McDonalds Side Salad

Let&rsquos get all the salads out of the way first, with the first on the list being the Side Salad. This is a small salad that can be chosen instead of the fries. So you can have your burger without the guilt of the added salt in the side.

The salad comes with lettuce and grape tomatoes, topping at just 15 calories for the whole lot. There&rsquos also only 15mg of sodium, with no fat or saturated fat. Plus, think of the nutrients you get in the lettuce and tomatoes. Tomatoes are actually one of the best foods to eat for the nutrients!

#2. Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

If you want something extra with your salad, the Southwest Salad is the way to go. This is a mixture of salad greens, with black beans, poblano peppers, roasted tomatoes, shredded cheese, lime juice, chile-lime tortilla strips with a cilantro lime glaze. You&rsquore packing the salad with plenty of nutrients, helping to support the whole body.

You can add some grilled chicken to the salad for the protein if you want. However, if you choose not to then you&rsquore saving a bit on the calories.

For the whole thing, you&rsquore looking at a total of 350 calories and 1,070mg of sodium. You&rsquoll get 12g of fat, of which 4.5g is saturated. This isn&rsquot bad overall for a meal!

What Should You Avoid?

Certain food items should be avoided by pregnant women as it can be unhealthy for you and your growing child.

  • Pre-cut fruits should be avoided as they could be contaminated with listeria. they are usually high in sodium and add unnecessary health risks. when ordering a menu item that was not mentioned earlier. You can still get a Big Mac, just remove the sauces or cut out the bread.

So don't feel guilty the next time you find yourself craving fast food. Stop by McDonald's and try one of these tasty options. You will not regret it!

4. Coffee

Coffee is low in calories and high in antioxidants, plus it&rsquos the perfect drink to get you going in the morning. To make sure it&rsquos as healthy as possible, Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, creator of Nutrition Nuptials, recommends ordering unsweetened coffee and adding the milk or creamer yourself. Or, if plain is your thing, you can always drink it black.

TIP: Avoid the frappés, machiattos and other sugar-laden coffee products served up at McDonald&rsquos. Yes, they&rsquore delicious, but in addition to sugar, they&rsquore also loaded with calories and fat.

Snacks & Sides: Side Salad

When you get a Happy Meal or a Value Meal from McDonald’s, it comes with your choice of a side. This might come as a shock to you, but ordering their French fries isn’t the choice that will earn you the least calories. Especially if you’re ordering something like a burger or chicken nuggets, the side salad will do the most to contribute to a nutritionally balanced meal. It’s made with a blend of lettuces, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, and your choice of dressing. McDonald’s carries Newman’s Own brand — to figure out the best choice, consult our guide to the healthiest and unhealthiest salad dressings.

The McDonald's Dollar Menu Is Back. Here's What You Can Get

McDonald’s new Dollar Menu is here, bringing a dozen food items to customers at no more than $3.

The Dollar Menu, which relaunched Thursday, offers eats like cheeseburgers, McGriddles and beverages for $1, $2 or $3, the company said. McDonald’s revamped discount menu replaces the original Dollar Menu, which was discontinued in 2014 after franchise owners decided the low prices hurt business. The old menu sold a McDouble cheeseburger, four Chicken McNuggets and a large sweet tea for $1 each.

The launch of the new Dollar Menu could boost sales and aid McDonald’s growth in 2018, as it comes out of 2017 with its stock up more than 41%, CNBC reports.

Since killing the old Dollar Menu, McDonald’s has dabbled in other promotions, such as the McPick 2 for $5, which have seen relatively little success. The new menu will include items like the McChicken and Sausage Burrito for $1, Bacon McDouble and small McCafé drinks for $2 and a Triple Cheeseburger and the Happy Meal for $3.

“We built this new menu with variety and value firmly in mind,” McDonald’s USA president Chris Kempczinski said in a statement.